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Sleep Wellness: What It Is and Why It Matters

What is sleep wellness and why does it matter? Read on to find out what we mean when we talk about Sleep Wellness at PureCare, and how it underlines our mission to enhance the sleep quality and wellness of everyone we serve.

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What do we mean when we talk about sleep wellness?

For some, sleep wellness simply means ensuring that we’re getting plenty of quality sleep each night. For others, it’s much more than that. For us, the definition falls somewhere in between.

Sleep has the power to restore your body and reset your mind, both of which are essential benefits that help you face the challenges of the day, every day. So, when thinking about sleep wellness, we invite you to think about it as a well-rounded experience.

Yes, getting quality sleep is essential. But more than that, getting quality sleep isn’t nearly as cut-and-dry as it’s often thought to be. (This means that buying a set of run of the mill cotton sheets simply won’t do the trick.)

Here’s the truth: The surfaces we sleep on, the environment we sleep in, the comfort essentials we choose, and the mindset we have when we’re gearing up to go to bed all contribute to our sleep experience, and they matter too.

That’s what Sleep Wellness for us at PureCare is all about. More than anything, we care about you and your well-being. This is why we’re devoted to helping you build the foundation of better sleep with premium bedding made from responsive materials that provide you with a cleaner sleep environment while supporting your wellness goals and unique lifestyle day and night.

3 Easy Ways to Improve Sleep Wellness

PureCare premium wellness-inspired sheets

Now that we have a clear idea of what Sleep Wellness means to us at PureCare, let’s explore a few simple ways that you can improve not only your sleep quality but your overall wellness too.

We’ve scoured the Internet for popular opinions on ideas that improve sleep health and wellness overall, and the three points below seem to be a common theme.

1. Expect More from Your Bedding

Getting plenty of sleep contributes to how well all other facets of our lives function. Like maintaining healthy habits related to diet and exercise, sleep can impact everything from our energy each day to how productive we are at work and home to our mindfulness and focus when spending quality time with friends and family.

While choosing bedding products for comfort is a great starting point, today’s advanced fibers and premium bedding materials have much more to offer than comfort alone. Because of this, it’s time to start considering what other benefits you want to gain from your bedding each night. After all, creating a sleep sanctuary uniquely tailored to your wellness needs is easier than ever.

To help make shopping for new bedding hassle-free, we create sleep essentials that go above and beyond just a comfortable experience. What we call the “+ side” of PureCare, our bedding provides wellness-focused benefits from unique responsive fabrics like FDA-determined CELLIANT®, clinically proven Cooling FRíO, and eco-conscious TENCEL , to name a few.

For example, for those who prefer a cooler sleep environment, we offer luxury bedding that provides comfort plus lasting cooling relief as a great way to wake up feeling refreshed or restored or ultra-peaceful, to tackle every day with energy and focus.

No matter your sleep needs, you can find the wellness benefits that the “+ side” of PureCare represents woven into our entire collection of sheets, pillows, blankets, and more. We invite you to take care and comfort in essentials inspired by and made for you.

Take a step toward better sleep and enhancing your sleep wellness by focusing on what you want to get from your experience.

Dressing your sleep foundation with comfortable products made from responsive fabrics that offer a wellness-focused “+ side” of sleep as unique as your needs and preferences is excellent to keep in mind as you create a sleep sanctuary wholly designed to work for you.

PureCare premium wellness-inspired bedding

2. Address Your Sleep Environment

The National Sleep Foundation plays a critical role in sleep wellness education. As an official bedding products partner with the NSF, we understand that our sleep environment overall is a key component of enhancing our sleep quality and wellness, which is why we’re proud to discuss it here.

Not sure what to do to address and improve your unique sleep environment? No problem.

While our premium mattress and pillow protectors provide a great starting point, as they all proudly carry the NSF seal and provide a more hygienic sleep surface, the National Sleep Foundation provides great ideas to get you started on the right path toward improving your sleep environment in other ways as well. (Be sure to check out the NSF’s resources; they explore a range of sleep health topics, including specific ways to further address your sleep environment beyond clean bedding protection alone.)

For further insight on what to consider for your sleep environment, keep a few of these points in mind: some prefer to sleep in a room that’s super cozy and warm, while others prefer sleeping with the thermostat set a little lower each night. Some enjoy sleeping with a fan or sound machine on, while others prefer complete silence.

What’s the ideal sleep environment look and feel like to you? Remember: Take some time to assess what you want to gain from your sleep space.

Incorporate any necessary steps, like setting up your fan or sound machine or turning the thermostat to the perfect temperature, into your bedtime routine (see our next tip below), and prepare to drift off in an environment set up to work for you, not against you.

How to create a bedtime routine

3. Establish a Bedtime Routine

As we mentioned earlier, quality sleep is a crucial component of sleep wellness. So, when thinking of ways to get the quality sleep you need to wake up well rested to greet each day, it helps to establish a bedtime routine that sets you up for blissful sleep success night after night.

A few things to consider when you’re building your optimal bedtime routine:

  • The average hours of sleep your body needs to rest and recharge (this number can vary depending on age, lifestyle, etc.)
  • Activities that you love to help you relax (i.e., gentle stretching, meditating, or reading a chapter or two from a book)
  • The optimal time for you to wake up in the morning

Build your routine around nourishing, relaxing activities that can help your mind and body prepare for a great night’s sleep—while keeping your preferred wake-up time in mind so that you’re prepared to greet each day as it comes, on your ideal schedule.

Bedding Essentials for Better Sleep

Looking for some sleep wellness-focused inspiration to customize your sleep environment, foundation, and overall sanctuary?

We invite you to check us out at and on Instagram and Facebook, where you can find a variety of bedding essentials that go beyond comfort alone by providing you with a unique “+ side” of sleep to meet your needs.

From mattress and pillow protectors to duvet inserts and covers; to reversible pillow shams and luxury silk pillowcases; to weighted blankets

PureCare has everything you and your family need to mix, match, and save up to 40% off your favorite items and kickstart your journey to better sleep wellness today.