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Breathe. Relax. Sleep.TM
Simple remedies for your home wellness routine
Creating a restorative <br><span>mind-body sleep experience</span>

Creating a restorative
mind-body sleep experience

Whether you are seeking the stillness of meditation or focused on relaxation at the end of a long day, we understand that it isn’t always easy to calm your mind. Our thoughtfully curated collection of mindful sleep essentials relies on your body’s senses to help ease tension and soothe anxieties that keep sleep at bay. Lean on our natural, time-honored solutions like aromatherapy and the proven benefits of weighted wellness to help calm your body and mind for deeper relaxation.

<span>The sensory zen</span> of weighted blankets

The sensory zen of weighted blankets

Gift yourself a simple stress remedy that is easy to incorporate into your home wellness routine. Our Zensory weighted blanket provides gentle, contoured compression that unifies your body and mind in the journey toward sleep. This natural method for melting stress has been studied and relied upon for decades for its soothing effects on the nervous system. 

Our Zensory collection is designed with hypoallergenic glass beads and mini-pocket construction to provide the essential even weight distribution needed to gently stimulate pressure points throughout your body. Wrapped in our silver-treated, lush velveted fleece and Tencel™ cover, the Zensory collection is designed to provide a deeper sense of calm.

<span>Inhale. Exhale. Aromatherapy.</span>

Inhale. Exhale. Aromatherapy.

There is a steady, calming wave that follows a deep breath. Wellness practices around the globe focus on the natural rhythm of the breath’s rise and fall to help center and quiet the mind. For centuries, the practice of breath has been paired with scent—one of the body’s most important senses tied to relaxation.

Create a calming sleep sanctuary with our award-winning collection of aromatherapy mattress and pillow protectors. This collection is designed with optional scented sachets that introduce the naturally calming benefits of aromatherapy into your sleep environment. Sold with natural lavender bud sachets, we’ve created four additional soft scents for you to choose from in order to find the right benefit for your needs:


This botanical wonder has been used to enhance sleep for centuries. Its calming, soothing scent can promote a sense of relaxation and improve the quality of your sleep.


The scent of summer gardens and romance, jasmine has been known to ease headaches, calm the nervous system, and ease insomnia.


Relax and feel your mood lighten with this light and tropical aroma. This scent has been known to help relieve tension and bring focus to the mind and body.


A warm, comforting scent, sandalwood has been used to ease anxiety, reduce sleeplessness, and create a deeper more replenishing sleep experience.


This evergreen aroma can focus the distracted mind for an easy transition into sleep.

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Enhance your sleep environment with our full collection of premium bedding essentials. Our products are designed to work better together—optimizing your wellness, hygiene, and comfort to help you create your ideal sleep experience.

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