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Find relief from sleep heat

Sleeping hot have you tossing and turning? Our Cooling products are designed for cleaner, cooler comfort all night long




We know that when it comes to sleep, the body naturally seeks cooler comfort. For those of us who typically sleep hot (regardless of the weather), it can be hard to relax, let alone get restful sleep. Unhealthy interruptions to your sleep cycle can prevent you from experiencing the wellness benefits that a cooler, cleaner night’s sleep provides.

Our responsive Cooling protectors and pillows are engineered to help you sleep cool throughout the night thanks to our exclusive FRíO rapid chill cooling fibers. Unlike coatings or treatments, our cooling benefits come from embedded micarex minerals that form countless tunnels at the core of each fiber.

Why are these tiny tunnels so important to cooler sleep? The countless fibrous tunnels in each FRíO thread act as heat-dispersing channels that actively move heat away from your body as it dissipates throughout each thread. In fact, our exclusive FRíO fibers are proven to cool five times faster than traditional polyester bedding fibers, quickly transferring your heat instead of letting it accumulate in the bedding surrounding your body.

Rest assured with our fade-free promise: the beneficial cooling properties within our FRíO fibers will never wash out, lasting the lifetime of our products.

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