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PureCare Launches Pure Silk Pillowcases

PureCare announced that it has launched the Pure Silk collection, featuring 100% Mulberry silk pillowcases that offer both beauty and wellness benefits.

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PureCare and National Sleep Foundation Expand Educational Partnership

PureCare, a provider of wellness-focused sleep essentials, kicks off the new year by building upon its decade-long educational partnership with the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) in an effort to expand their joint commitment of better sleep education for all.
As of January 1, PureCare’s entire collection of premium top of bed products—including sheets, pillows, protectors, and weighted blankets—bears the official bedding products seal of the NSF.

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PureCare's Recovery Pillows Land on Forbes Magazine's 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

A good night’s sleep is a gift, and with such a wide variety of sleep products to choose from, it’s now a gift that can be given. Whether you’re looking for temperature-regulating sheets or the latest sleep-tracking device; a stress-relieving formula to take internally or apply to the skin, this guide has a gift for all types of sleep issues to ensure a restful holiday and winter season ahead.

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PureCare OmniGuard Protectors Certified to Block Viruses Including COVID-19

PureCare announced the recent certification of its proprietary OmniGuard® Advance mattress cover as effective in blocking viruses such as COVID-19. The PureCare OmniGuard Advance five-sided and total encasement mattress covers attained the Vartest certification that meets ASTM F1671 viral penetration testing standard for resistance to bloodborne pathogens. The ASTM F1671 test method established by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention determines whether a fabric can block Phi-X174 bacteriophage, a virus that is about 32 nanometers in diameter. COVID-19 is approximately 125 nanometers in diameter.

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PureCare Develops Clean Cover Hospital Pillow Collection

“We are leveraging our new pillow machinery to deliver high quality hospital and care facility pillows for COVID-19 and beyond,” said Sean Bergman, PureCare chief operating officer. “This will offer specially designed pillows for all types of care facilities with their needs in mind, coming from PureCare, the manufacturer counted on for wellness sleep essentials for 20 years.”

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PureCare Begins U.S. Pillow Production at Factory in Phoenix

PureCare partnered with Italian manufacturing technology provider Brighi Tech Innovations to develop and install a cutting-edge pillow manufacturing system with optimal versatility to make several types of pillows with greater flexibility and control over quantities and cost, officials said.

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PureCare Expands Premium Elements Sheet Collection with 100% Supima® Cotton Linens

PureCare – a leader in health and wellness in the sleep essentials category – announced that it is expanding its premium Elements sheet collection to include luxury, 100% SUIMPA® cotton linens. Marketed as “The World’s Finest Cotton”, SUPIMA fibers represent less than 1% of the cotton produced world-wide and are known for extraordinary comfort and incredible resiliency.

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You're One Step Away From Achieving the Scientifically-Proven Best Temp for Sleep

If you’ve ever woken up in the middle of the night with your sheets and jammies sweat-soaked or your hair matted to your face, you’ve probably figured it out already: Being too hot can interfere with your sleep.The temperature of the environment we sleep in matters a lot,” explains Chris Winter MD, medical director of the Sleep Medicine Center at Martha Jefferson Hospital in Virginia and author of The Sleep Solution: Why Your Sleep is Broken and How to Fix It. “There’s been a lot of research that shows that 62 to 67 degrees is the ideal for best, most efficient sleep quality,” he says. 

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PureCare Expands into Southeast Asia

A customized assortment of PureCare’s utility bedding will soon become available in a top Asian home furnishings chain. The sleep products producer has partnered with Index Living Mall, known as Thailand’s “No. 1 Home Furnishings and Decorative Retail Chain Store.” The retailer operates 114 stores in 12 countries, including Malaysia, Vietnam, Russia, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Nepal, Maldives, Thailand and Singapore.

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PureCare Expands to New Headquarters In AZ

Taking an important step towards future expansion in the US market, PureCare will now operate a 30,000 square foot pillow manufacturing space at its Arizona location. The cutting-edge computerized pillow blowing machinery will be capable of blowing fiber, ball fiber, Microfiber, shredded visco-elastic foam and latex rubber foam, as well as a combination of shredded foam and fiber.

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