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5 Easy Tips to Prepare for Cold and Flu Season

Searching for ways to stay ahead of the cold and flu game this year? We’ve got you covered. Check out these 5 easy tips that will help you set your home and sleep environment up for success, so you can keep doing what you love.
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It’s coming. The season notorious for colds and the terrible flu bug is upon us. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Trying to get quality sleep while struggling through a series of awful symptoms like a runny nose, watery eyes, congestion, a sore throat, and even an upset stomach isn't easy.

As the season changes and we close up our homes to the cooler temperatures outside, bacteria, germs, and allergens are practically invited to cozy up next to us inside. And don’t even get us started on what kind of germs kiddos bring home this time of year!

For all of you searching for something you can do to stay ahead of the cold and flu game this year, we’ve got you covered. Our tips will help you set your home and sleep environment up for success as much as possible . . . and we’ve thrown in a few extra ideas to help you stay energized and keep doing what you love.

Tip 1) Invest in a Quality Mattress and Pillow Protector

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If there is one thing we know from our decades-long experience in the bedding industry, it’s that getting quality sleep (whether sick or not) begins with your overall environment:

How does it function to support your sleep wellness? Does it provide you with enough protection from irritants and allergens that often inflate how unwell you feel when you catch a cold? Is your sleep space set up with plenty of easy-to-wash items that help minimize a lot of the stress that comes when you or one of your family members gets sick?

We also know that mattress and pillow protectors are often the last thing people think about when creating their perfect sleep sanctuary. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Not so fast! Premium protection is essential for protecting you and your family from irritants that can compound your sleep issues when you aren’t feeling well.

PureCare’s award-winning OmniGuard Advance mattress and pillow protectors are perfect for keeping your mattress and pillows as clean as possible. Not only do they provide a physical barrier against moisture and stains, our premium mattress and pillow protectors also keep dust mites (and the allergens they create) from accumulating in your bedding.

In fact, our protectors are specifically designed to be laundered on hot settings to eliminate dust mite allergens and keep symptoms like nasal congestion, dark eye circles, and watery eyes at a minimum.

Breathable and lightweight, our protectors provide a quiet barrier beneath the cozy comfort layers you love (i.e., our luxury sheets, duvet inserts, covers, and matching pillow shams). Incredibly, this means they won’t compromise the comfort of your mattress or interfere with the fit of your favorite sheets or pillowcases.

PureCare’s award-winning OmniGuard Advance total encasement mattress and pillow protectors are perfect for keeping your mattress and pillows as secure as possible, providing a physical barrier against bed bugs, allergens, dust mites, mold, mildew, and stains to boot.

Tip 2) Refresh Your Cleaning Routine

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Some of us live for routines, others not so much. But here’s something to keep in mind when it comes to keeping you and your home protected from various germs and bacteria as different cold threats rear their ugly heads: it’s better to be over-prepared than underprepared.

As cliché as the saying is, it bears some weight when staying ahead of the game this season. To keep your home in top shape, routinely cleaning all major surface areas (think things like tabletops, doorknobs, faucets, major appliance handles, etc.) will help keep all of your home’s hotspots secure.

If it helps, creating a home cleaning checklist where all of these significant hotspots in your home get cleaned and sanitized on a rotating basis can give you some stress-free structure and the peace of mind you need!

Tip 3) Stock up on Your Favorite Remedies

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When was the last time you evaluated your supplies? A good rule of thumb during this time of year is to take stock of your medicine cabinet. Throw out anything that’s expired, and stock up on all of your favorite cold remedies, soothing teas, cough drops, and the like.

Again, the more prepared you are before you happen to get sick, the better! Because the last thing you want is to catch a cold and face a trip to the store when you’re not feeling well.

Tip 4) Consider a Humidifier

Have you ever been super congested and tried to get a full night of sleep? (We’ve been there!) It’s nearly impossible, isn’t it?

To help alleviate some of the sleep disruptions that occur when you’re feeling super stuffy or congested, consider equipping your sleep sanctuary with a humidifier to help.

Depending on your preferences, you can find various options to best suit you and your family’s needs this year!

Tip 5) Plan Ahead for ‘Sick Days’

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Similar to taking some time to stock up on your favorite cold remedies before you need them, it helps to have a solid ‘sick day’ plan in place, just in case.

Whether your partner, one of your kids, or you get sick, consider the different touchpoints you’ll need to address when you need to take some time away from work or your other significant responsibilities to recover.

Do you have certain people on your team you need to touch base with? Keep those emails, phone numbers, etc., in a convenient place, so you’ll have them ready to go the moment you feel a cold coming on. 

How about your kids? Is there a certain number you need to call? An email address? A ‘Parent Portal’ to log into to notify the school of your child’s absence? Again, keep these things handy in one spot to avoid any extra stress when a sick day comes your way. (Bonus Tip: You can find a ton of great Important Contacts templates available for free to print!)

The Big Picture

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Let’s be honest: no one wants to think about catching a cold and having to take some time away from the people and things they love most to recover. Still, it happens! At the end of the day, it helps to have a few details ironed out and put in place to help make the stress of getting sick easier to manage.

If, after perusing our list of tips above, you realize your bedding foundation isn’t quite set up to provide you with the optimal, clean protection you need to sleep well—don’t worry!

We’ve got great options to help you give your sleep environment the luxurious ultra-clean refresh you need without having to worry about sacrificing your or your family’s comfort.

Not only that, but as an added bonus, you can mix, match, and save up to 40% on all of your bedding essentials when you bundle: Visit purecare.com to get started!