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How to Layer Your Bed for Winter

The winter months are almost here. Is your sleep sanctuary set up to help you usher in the cold in ultra-comfy style? If not, we're here with a few suggestions to help you layer your bed for optimal comfort, style, and complete cozy wintry bliss all season long.

The winter months are almost here. Is your sleep sanctuary set up to help you usher in the cold in ultra-comfy style?

It seems that how-to posts focused on layering-up or down bedding essentials, depending on the season, have been making the rounds across the sleep health and bedding world lately. So today, we thought we’d offer our unique take on the topic with a few suggestions to help you layer your bed for optimal comfort, style, and complete cozy wintry bliss all season long.

Start Fresh

PureCare mattress and pillow protectorsFirst, let’s talk about a crucial component of  layering your bed in preparation for winter and that’s mattress and pillow protectors that provide a clean, more hygienic sleep surface.

One thing to keep in mind as we’re navigating the transition to winter is this: when we close our homes to the colder temperatures outside, we often create the perfect cozy environment for a host of germs to snuggle up next to us inside

Our collection of OmniGuard® mattress and pillow protectors is designed to help you set your sleep sanctuary up for ultra-clean freshness so you can go to bed each night without having to worry about allergens and other irritants invading your sleep space and wreaking havoc on your winter plans.

Recognized as the official protectors of the Women’s Choice Award and one of the official bedding products of the National Sleep Foundation, our OmniGuard mattress and pillow protectors are made to be machine washed and dried on hot settings for optimal sanitization. 

They’re also super lightweight and breathable, which means they won’t compromise the integrity or luxury feel of your mattress or interfere with the deep, winter slumber you’re looking to embrace and enjoy to the fullest all season long. 

Layer on Cozy Sheets

Next, let’s look at sheets. ‘Tis the season to snuggle up and get comfortable as the snow begins to fall, so let’s be honest here—choosing a super cozy set of

PureCare Soft Touch Sheets

sheets to layer on top of your clean, whisper-quiet mattress protector is the perfect second step.

Naturally, this begs the question: What sheets will be the perfect amount of cozy for you based on your sleep wellness needs and preferences? If you’re not sure about where to start, PureCare’s Soft Touch TENCEL™ Modal sheet Collection is a great choice, if we do say so ourselves.

Crafted from a woven blend of premium long-staple cotton and the plush coziness of TENCEL™ Modal, our Soft Touch sheets are buttery soft, notoriously gentle on skin, and luxuriously lightweight—which means they won’t contribute to heat buildup like other bed sheets you’ll find on the market.

Moreover, our entire selection of premium sheets is ideal for adjustable and standard bases and fit mattresses up to 18″ deep, which is just one of many reasons that our sheets have proudly borne the exclusive seal of the Women’s Choice Award since 2015. 

Speaking of design, we’ve also thoughtfully crafted our sheets with Precision-Fit™ corners for a crisp, clean fit on your mattress. Couple that with a unique one-inch elastic cuff that runs around the entire edge of the fitted sheet—you can rest without worrying about your sheets slipping off of your mattress each night. (Nice!)

One more thing. Have you ever experienced a terrible night of sleep from playing tug-o-war with your partner over bedding that doesn’t quite give both of you enough coverage to sleep comfortably? We’ve been there before too. Rest assured, we’ve got a solution.

The top sheet included in your Soft Touch sheet set will provide an extra 4″ of fabric to help you and your partner both rest comfortably with the complete coverage you need to sleep well. (Tug-of-war, no more!)

Choose Your Climate Layer

Next up, your climate layer. Some refer to this part of your bedding layer as a comforter but, to us, it’s an essential layer that offers the right weight and material that best supports your lifestyle and enhances your sleep wellness.

PureCare duvet insertsRather than a run-of-the-mill comforter, we suggest outfitting your bedroom for winter with a duvet insert that offers you more than one dimension of comfort, so you can truly tailor your bedroom to match your sleep needs.

PureCare’s duvet inserts offer multidimensional comfort options inspired for enhancing your sleep wellness. Not only are they available in two different weights (i.e., lightweight and medium-weight), but we thoughtfully designed them with snap connectors that allow you to combine two inserts of your choice together seamlessly for extra-cozy comfort when you need it.

And here’s something else: PureCare’s duvet inserts also feature our 100% washable designer down alternative fill in two of our most popular responsive fabrics to enhance your sleep wellness.

Our lightweight insert includes our mineral-based FRíO® cooling fabric, while our medium-weight insert features our Soft Touch TENCEL® Modal fabric, allowing you to truly choose the climate layer that works best for you.

Opt for Reversibility

One reason we love duvet covers so much is that they truly allow you to dress your sleep space according to your unique style. For example, have you ever noticed how regular comforters only offer one color or one print, keeping you stuck with the same design year-round?

Once you’ve zeroed in on your perfect climate layer, the next step to layering your bed for the winter ahead is to choose a duvet cover that speaks to you. 

PureCare reversible duvet covers

What makes PureCare Duvet Covers unique:

Color. Do you prefer bold, dark colors or do you gravitate toward a more classic wintry white? How about a color scheme that falls somewhere in between? With five different color combos, there’s an option for everyone.

Reversibility. Does your current comforter allow you to quickly flip it over for a fresh new pop of color when you want it? If not, you’ll appreciate the unique experience our dual-sided covers provide.

Material. Why settle for an ordinary cover when you can pair your climate layer with a PureCare duvet cover made from responsive fabrics too? Our covers are available with our renowned Soft Touch and Cooling options that reverse to plush Bamboo to help you customize your bedding and support your sleep wellness in one fell swoop.

Add a Hint of Indulgence

100% Mulberry Silk PillowcaseWhen thinking about layering up for winter, don’t forget to indulge in something that’s comfortable and looks as great as it feels. (Bonus points if it enhances youbeauty sleep!)

Speaking of beauty sleep, there is no greater luxury than 100% pure Mulberry silk. Super sleek, luxurious, and incredibly gentle—we love that the A6 rated, 22 momme silk used to create our pure silk pillowcases looks and feels wonderful while helping hair and skin retain vital hydration throughout the night.

Finishing Touches

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget the finishing touches to get your sleep space winter-ready. Need some inspiration? No problem! We love finishing touches that speak to the “+ side” of sleep that we’re devoted to delivering to our friends and family across the board.

For additional dual-sided pops of color and responsive wellness-inspired fabrics, look no further than our reversible pillow shams that are made to mix, match, and pair perfectly with our reversible duvet covers.

If deep relaxation is what you’re looking for this season, our Zensory™ Weighted Blankets come in two different weight options and are ideal for bringing you the quality sleep you need year-round. 

PureCare luxury bedding collection

Mix, Match, and Save at PureCare

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