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Bedding that does the body good

Get more from your sleep with bedding that goes beyond quality and comfort
<span>Expect more from your bedding</span>

Expect more from your bedding

While sleep is essential to achieving well-being, our individual sleep needs are as unique as we are. From general comfort and temperature preferences, to allergen relief and recovery from physical activity, each of us requires a unique combination of benefits from our sleep in order to thrive.

Our sleep essentials are enhanced with cleaner treatments and responsive fabrics designed to provide your body with unique benefits that go well beyond comfort.

<span>Wellness by design</span>

Wellness by design

What if your bedding could help you recharge faster? Or wake more refreshed? Our entire collection of wellness-focused bedding is enhanced with innovative textiles that provide benefits beyond comfort alone. Designed to be mixed and matched, we’ve made it simple for you to combine benefits like the relaxing scents of our aromatherapy protectors with the comfort of our best-selling cooling pillows.

We source our innovative responsive fibers from around the world—from sustainable fabric manufacturers in Europe to premium natural fibers grown with care in the American southwest—with the goal of providing you unique and innovative sleep solutions to meet your sleep needs. From satiny cool textiles to threads that enhance your body’s natural recovery processes, our responsive fabrics offer a unique “+ side” that is essential to your best night’s sleep.  

Embrace your personal journey toward better sleep and gift your body the ingredients it needs to wake refreshed.

<span>Keep bedtime allergens at bay</span>

Keep bedtime allergens at bay

Our commitment to sleep hygiene is crafted into every one of our premium PureCare products. That’s because we know that for the 50+ million Americans who suffer from allergies and allergen-induced asthma, a cleaner bed can provide relief overnight. With the guiding hand of textile and hygiene experts, our entire collection is designed to help you create a cleaner sleep environment.

Antimicrobial silver product protection

As you sleep, your body naturally sheds skin cells, oils, and sweat into the layers of your bedding, creating a perfect environment for stain and odor-causing bacteria to multiply. Even with regular laundering, your bedding can harbor irritants and allergens that lead to dark eye circles, stuffiness, and dry, red eyes. That’s why all PureCare branded products are treated with antimicrobial silver product protection, which helps keep your bedding fresher longer by inhibiting bacteria, mold, and mildew that can cause deterioration, stains, and odors on our products.

Completely safe, medical and wellness experts have relied upon silver for centuries for its innate ability to destroy bacterial microbes from the inside out. Our antimicrobial silver treatment neutralizes the bacteria on the surface of our products, blocking its ability to absorb oxygen, process vital nutrients, and multiply. Rest assured that our silver treatment is Oeko-Tex certified, lasts for over 50 washes, and never affects the softness or comfort of our fabrics.

Washable products for cleaner sleep

Wellness and hygiene experts agree that regularly laundering your bedding can make a huge difference in how refreshed you feel when you wake up. Our goal is to make sleep hygiene hassle-free with premium sleep essentials that are easy to launder. This includes products that are designed to work together for easy laundering and protection that can be washed and dried on hot for an instant refresh of your sleep surface.

Bigger savings with every bundle
Having a family member that is ill and with a problem of incontinence, these mattress protectors are a godsend. They fit the extra long mattress with room for movement in the bed without the worry of it possibly coming off.
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Bigger savings with every bundle

Mix, match, and save when you enhance your sleep environment with our full collection of premium bedding essentials. Our products are designed to work better together—optimizing your wellness, hygiene, and comfort to help you create your ideal sleep experience.

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