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Spring Cleaning for Better Health and Wellness

Spring is blooming, and now is the time for freshening up for the warm months ahead. Read on for the list of items we'll be adding to our spring-cleaning checklist toward better sleep health and wellness this year!

Spring is blooming, and now is the time for freshening up for the warm months ahead. And while we could jump on the bandwagons of yesteryear and offer some traditional spring cleaning tips, there’s a new decluttering trend that we are crazy about this year—the main focus of which is steeped in sleep wellness.

Spring Cleaning for Your Health

Perhaps you’ve been hearing the buzz about this, too. Now that the chaos felt at the start of the pandemic is starting to settle, the urge to introduce relaxing notes of intention and peace to our most beloved spaces (and ourselves) at home has emerged.

Spring cleaning is on-trend this year—though not just for the sake of getting rid of old material items to make room for the new. Instead, this year calls for a complete mind, body, and at-home environmental approach to the cleaning regimes of years past.

Below you’ll find a list of easy tips that we’ll be adding to our spring cleaning checklist for better health and wellness this year.

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Be Prepared

April showers bring May flowers, setting the stage for a whole host of springtime allergies to bloom. Get ahead of the springtime allergen game before the pollen, dust, and other common seasonal irritants have the opportunity to invade.

Things to consider during this time of the year include:

  • The condition of your mattress, pillows, and other top-of-bed essentials. Is it time for an upgrade? If so, be sure to start with a base of trusted, quality protectors designed for better sleep hygiene.
  • Your sleep environment. When was the last time you decluttered and did a deep clean of all the surfaces, nooks, and cozy crannies in your bedroom?
  • Your cleaning schedule. Creating a rotating cleaning schedule that works with your lifestyle can help make all of your household chores easier to manage.
  • Expiration dates. Don’t forget to check the dates on all of your favorite wellness products so that you have what you need, when you need it.

As the old adage goes, it’s better to be over-prepared than under-prepared—especially when the goal is to clear the clutter and create a healthy, peaceful environment that you and your loved ones look forward to coming home to.

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Reset Your Sleep Schedule

If winter's short, dark days have left you feeling sluggish now that spring is here—rest assured, you're not alone. Seasonal shifts often create challenges for us as we strive to get quality sleep, so there's no better time to check in with yourself and your sleep habits to see if and where there's room for improvement.

Does your current bedtime routine and sleep schedule support you and your wellness goals as much as they should? If not, it's likely time for a reset to ensure you're getting plenty of quality sleep at night, so you can fully enjoy the extra daylight that's in store for you all season long.

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Consider Your Diet

It's no big secret that diet is one of the pillars of health and wellness. And while we aren't suggesting you need a complete dietary makeover now that spring has sprung, a good question to ask yourself in any new season is how you want to feel as the months progress.

Are you staying hydrated throughout the day? Are there any delicious recipes you might like to try that use healthy, natural ingredients to support sleep health and wellness? 

Consider this tip a gentle reminder to check in with yourself and talk to your doctor or a trusted health professional to assess what—if anything—might need to change so you can enjoy all of your wonderful plans in the months ahead.

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Set Good Intentions

One of our favorite spring cleaning tips this year? Start from the inside out by setting good intentions. When it comes to setting up your living space to feel calm, welcoming, and balanced, it helps to infuse that same positive energy into all other areas of your life at large, as well.

Similar to how yoga and meditation are known to relax the body and the mind, setting good intentions has been suggested to positively influence the way we approach daily living. So, if infusing feelings of peace and tranquility into your home is a big goal for you during your spring cleaning regime, consider how your thoughts are related to your environment and how you might make your goals happen in a balanced, mindful way.

Make Home the Heart of Wellness®

If freshening up from the inside out is on your agenda, we're here to lend our support along your journey to better sleep wellnessbecause we all know that a clean bedroom with fresh, new bedding to fully usher in the warm weather is enough to put more than just a little spring in your step.

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