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Vacation Coming Up? 5 Easy-to-Pack Items for a Relaxing Trip

Preparing to jet set off on vacation in the coming months? Numerous articles and how-to posts say that packing light is essential to reducing the stress of traveling. Our suggestion? Pack with comfort in mind to make your vacation one to remember. We've got 5 easy-to-pack items to make your next vacation as stress-free and comfortable as possible.

Preparing to jet set off to the next destination on your travel bucket list in the coming months? Numerous articles and how-to posts on social media will tell you that packing light is essential to minimizing the stress of traveling.  

While we certainly agree that packing lightly can help you save on checked baggage fees and lessen some traveling stress as you’re jumping from airport to airport, we also think that packing with comfort in mind is essential to making your vacation in an unfamiliar place even more enjoyable. 

Our suggestion? Outfit your Airbnb or hotel room with easy-to-pack personal items that will offer the soothing comfort of home and help you stay relaxed–especially if you know that you could face some serious jet lag during your time away. 

We’ve got the perfect list of soothing must-have travel items to get you started. 

Five Must-Have Items to Bring for a Stress-Free Vacation 

A Comfy Travel Pillow 

While it’s safe to say that your favorite at-home pillow may not fit snugly inside of your carry-on bag, what if we told you that there are some super soft and supportive pillows out there that offer a little something extra for when you’re preparing for your next flight? 

Our Cooling SoftCell® Chill pillow is one of our favorite sleep essentials for a reason. In addition to being incredibly soft and supportive, it’s reversible and adjustable, offering two different sleep surfaces and your choice of loft height in one fell swoop.  

One side features unique pockets filled with an exclusive designer down-alternative that will make you feel like you’re sleeping on your own fluffy little cloud. On the other side is a cooling gel-topped memory foam layer that offers proven cooling relief and contouring head and neck support for consistent comfort. 

And, of course, at the heart of our Cooling SoftCell® Chill pillow is the perfect travel companion–a removable inner mini pillow. Featuring our soft down-alternative fill, it’s small enough to tuck inside your carry-on to help you catch up on sleep while you’re airborne or give you something extra comfy to snuggle with while you’re away from home. 

100% mulberry silk pillowcase

Your Favorite Pillowcase 

There’s nothing quite like sleeping in your own bed. But when going away on vacation makes sleeping in your own bed impossible, opting to pack some of your favorite bedding essentials–like your pillowcase–may be the next best thing. 

Small and easy to pack away inside of the smallest carry-on luggage, the perfect pillowcase can instantly elevate the comfort level of any getaway bedroom. (Bonus points if your pillowcase happens to be woven from 100% Mulberry silk, renowned for its super sleek look and gentle touch that’s perfect for helping delicate skin and hair retain vital hydration throughout the night.)  

lavender aromatherapy pillow protector

An Aromatherapy Pillow Protector 

It’s no secret that aromatherapy is powerful when it comes to helping us wind down and relax after a stressful day–and this is especially true after a long, stressful day spent traveling. 

In addition to bringing along your favorite pillowcase, another great comfort item to consider is a pillow protector that doubles as an opportunity to infuse a calming scent, like lavender from an aromatherapy sachet, into your sleep space to help you relax and get the deep, quality sleep you need to explore your vacation destination. 

cozy foldable slippers

A Pair of Cozy Foldable Slippers 

Full days spent exploring your surroundings while vacationing somewhere new is something that most of us look forward to, isn’t it? After all, sight-seeing is half of the fun of venturing to somewhere new. Still, all those hours spent walking around can take its toll on your feet if you happen to forget to pack comfortable shoes. 

When tired, aching feet have you feeling a little worse for wear, it helps to have a cozy pair of slippers to come back to your vacation rental to. Our current favorite? Gripper Slippers by Bombas; they’re lightweight, foldable, and come with a convenient travel bag to make packing for your next trip a breeze. 

Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Skincare

Soothing Travel-Sized Skincare Products 

Last but certainly not least–toiletries. By far one of the most challenging aspects of packing for any trip, it can be challenging to find reputable, soothing skincare products that are sized just right for a seamless travel experience. 

If luxurious skincare products are on your must-have list for your next vacation, we suggest taking a peek at the Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Collection. Jam-packed with five soothing essentials to give your skin some daily TLC, the Mega-Mushroom Skin Strengthening Essentials kit in particular is a great choice to consider bringing with you. 

The best part? Each Mega-Mushroom product is perfectly sized, whether you’re checking a bag or carrying-on, and formulated to give your skin calm, soothing relief after a long day spent on an airplane or exploring the great outdoors during your vacation. 

Mix, Match, and Save on Your Favorite Comfort Essentials 

Need to stock up on some of the comfort essentials we explored today before your next big vacation? We've got you covered.  

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