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Reversible Bedding Essentials

The cooler months are upon us. Still, if you're someone that struggles with sleeping hot at night, the disruptions you face while trying to get a great night's sleep don't magically end with the summer season. 

Click to read about PureCare's reversible bedding options for those looking to layer in luxury while still keeping an eye on the weight and fabric of the products they select.

Turn Your Bedroom into a Stylish Sleep Sanctuary: Introducing PureCare’s Cooling Duvet Collection

The transition from the hot summer months to the crisp fall season is upon us: How's your sleep sanctuary shaping up so far?

Like so many of you, we're excited about piling on fun, cozy comfort layers that provide all the sleep wellness benefits needed to tackle the busy holiday season ahead with plenty of energy and gusto.

But, if you're someone that struggles with sleeping hot at night, the disruptions you face while trying to get a great night's sleep don't magically end with the summer season. In fact, it's often quite the opposite, isn't it?

No sooner does summer end than winter appears with frosty evening temperatures to match. When we shut the windows to the cold outside and turn up the heat inside, those of us that sleep hot face the same problem of sweltering sleep heat. (If this sounds like how it goes at your house when the first super chilly day of the year hits, trust us—we see you.)

So today, let's keep our cooling conversation going and talk about a few fun reversible bedding options we have in store for anyone looking to layer up in luxury and style while still keeping a close eye on the weight and fabric makeup of what they choose.

Because let's be honest, one size seldom fits all when it comes to home textiles, which is one thing we’ve learned over the decades we’ve spent in the bedding industry. Any two people rarely sleep the same, so versatility is often critical to getting those that share a sleep space on the same page.

If you don't personally sleep hot at night, then we're willing to bet that you have a loved one who does regardless of the season. And in that case, we're here and happy to help!

The Best Lightweight Duvet Insert

PureCare lightweight duvet insert

A lightweight duvet insert for the fall and winter months? Hear us out. What if we told you that it's possible to find a duvet insert that's so versatile that you can easily layer it with another to achieve just the right amount of coziness you need to sleep well?

Sounds a little strange, right? We get it. The words ‘easy’ and versatile' are not usually the first to come up regarding duvet systems. Yet, this is what makes our duvet collection so much fun when it comes to layering your sleep sanctuary to match your unique style and sleep needs.

If you're concerned about disrupting a peaceful night's sleep by running back and forth from the bedroom to the thermostat to find the perfect temperature to sleep comfortably, we’ve got you covered. A lightweight duvet insert that plays well with others when you need it may just be the thing to lessen the chaos!

premium duvet inserts

To help make layering our lightweight duvet inserts easy, we've included simple snap connectors that allow you to pair it with our Soft Touch duvet insert to achieve just the right weight for you to match your preferences.

And here's some more good news: at PureCare, we’re all about what we call the “+ side” of sleep, focusing not only on luxury bedding but luxury bedding made from responsive, wellness-inspired fabrics designed to help you get deep, quality sleep.

So, what exactly is the plus-side of cozying up with our cooling duvet insert?

More than just any ordinary duvet insert, we've wrapped our lightweight duvet insert in a blend of TENCEL™ Lyocell and our exclusive FRíO rapid chill cooling fibers, making it an excellent option for those who sleep hot but still want to find an ultra-soft comforter to snuggle up with.

(And dare we mention that the comfort and relief benefits provided by our FRíO rapid chill cooling fibers will never wash out? It’s true. You can rest knowing that you’ll experience the comfortable, cooling relief you need night after night, wash after wash.)

Reversible Duvet Covers and Pillow Shams

At PureCare, one thing we love about designing comfy bedding essentials to create the perfect sleep oasis is the opportunity we have to offer reversible, mix, and match options as much as possible.

reversible bedding

After all, adding a little fun and stylish flair into the mix is often half of the fun of shopping for new bedding! And this is especially true when thinking about layering up for fall.

Keeping that in mind, our  reversible duvet covers are the perfect comfort layer to pair with your favorite insert and come in five complementary color combinations to help you tailor your sleep environment to your unique style.

Even better, each cover in our cooling collection is as stylish as it is reversible, and the color-matching ties we've outfitted them with make assembling our duvet system easy to manage (we love a good bonus!).

In just a few simple steps, you can easily swap out your existing duvet cover for another color combo in our collection to make any seasonal bedding transitions you want to do incredibly convenient. And, for us, making your experience with our products as convenient and stress-free as possible is a top priority. This is one reason that each cover in our cooling collection includes another fun reversibility element we invite you to explore as you're browsing for new sleep essentials.

On one side of our duvet cover is the same responsive cooling fabric you'll find with our lightweight insert, making the entire cooling collection ideal for keeping hot sleepers comfortable. And the other side of the cover? We've incorporated one of our comfiest fabrics, the ever-popular gentle

feel of Bamboo rayon, for an ultra-cozy addition that's great for any season. (Again, talk about the plus-side of sleep, right? Cooling relief on one side of your duvet cover and the soft, ultra-cozy feel of bamboo on the other!)

Once you've selected the perfect color combo to layer up for fall in style, don't forget! We've made it easy to pair your duvet cover with matching pillow shams, making the process of creating your ideal sleep sanctuary with all the fun comfort layers a breeze.

Whether you opt for the same color combo to match your cooling duvet cover or mix things up to add even more fun pops of color to your sleep environment this season, the choice is up to you!

3 More Ways to Keep Your Oasis Cool and Comfortable

One more thing before you go—Whether fun comfort essentials are on your list right now or not, we don’t want you to feel that you have to sacrifice or spend a ton of time searching the Internet to find premium bedding options to help you get quality sleep.

To make shopping for new bedding when you’re ready as stress-free as possible, we’ve curated a few more items to help you turn your bedroom into the ultimate calming, comforting sanctuary you need to get the quality sleep you deserve.

(And here’s something else to consider: the more you bundle premium bedding essentials, the more you save. It’s true! By bundling your next purchase, you can save up to 40% off at checkout.)

In addition to our Cooling Duvet Collection, we’ve crafted an array of innovative cooling mattress protectors, pillows, and pillow protectors to get you and your family on the path to better sleep without the hassle. Because when it comes to finding the best bedding to suit your unique needs and wellness goals, feeling stressed and strapped for time should never come into play.