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Rest your head on cooling relief

Need a cooler sleep solution? Combat heat buildup with 5x faster cooling

Pillows + Cooling

Refreshingly cooler sleep from FRíO®

Pillows + Cooling

Cooling pillows

Tired of flipping your pillow every few hours? Sleep heat can keep you tossing and turning, constantly turning your pillow order for a few minutes of cool relief. That’s because the sensitive skin at the nape of your neck plays a key role in helping to regulate your temperature throughout the night.

The crisp, cool touch of our exclusive Tencel™ and FRíO® rapid chill cooling pillow covers ensure consistent cooling all night long. Silky smooth and cool to the touch, our mineral-based FRíO® fibers are designed to tunnel your body heat away from you instead of allowing it to buildup and disrupt your sleep. Clinically tested to cool five times faster than traditional polyester, our cooling pillows help deliver true relief from sleep heat.

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