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Refresh Your Sleep Space: 3 Simple Rules for Choosing New Bedding

Searching for comfortable new bedding to refresh your sleep space? We've got an easy guide to help you choose new bedding that offers more than comfort, style, and support alone. Click to learn about PureCare's 3 simple rules for choosing new bedding that you'll love coming home to.

Shopping for new bedding isn’t always easy. With so many options available, how do you know which bedding brands will satisfy your comfort and support your unique sleep needs the most? 

Similar to the lifetime of your favorite bedding items, the comfortability and support of the new bedding you’re looking for are not one-size-fits-all. Even when looking for a specific type of fabric, it’s important to keep in mind that not all bedding that falls within the fabric type you’re searching for delivers the same level of comfort. At the same time, not all bedding is created to simultaneously address the needs of all sleepers

When shopping for new bedding for yourself or a loved one, we recommend keeping the three Fs in mind to make your experience as stress-free as possible: Fit, Feel, and Finish.  

The Three Fs of Bedding: Fit, Feel, and Finish 

New Bedding Fit


Fit is a great place to start when you begin your search for new bedding, as it’s always important to know that whatever you have your heart set on will work for your mattress type and depth. 

At PureCare, we design all of our sheet sets and pillowcases with exclusive premium Precision-Fit™ features that ensure your bedding stays right where it should, so you can sleep as comfortably and peacefully as possible.  

These unique Precision-Fit™ features include: 

Enveloping pillowcases. All of our premium pillowcases are designed with a generous 8″ pocket at the opening, which keeps your pillow tucked inside of your pillowcase no matter how much you like to hug, scrunch, and squeeze your pillow. 

An extra-wide 1″ elastic cuff. The elastic cuff that runs along the edge of all PureCare fitted sheets helps keep your sheet in place, which means you can change your sleep position as much as you’d like without worrying about your sheets slipping off of your mattress in the middle of the night. 

Deep Precision-Fit™ corners. All of our PureCare fitted sheets also feature an elastic strip sewn into the corners, ensuring a steady corner fit that keeps your fitted sheet securely in place. (Bonus: Our fitted sheets are perfect for standard and adjustable base mattresses up to 18″ deep!) 

Additional 4″ of fabric. The top sheets in our premium sheet sets include an extra 4″ of fabric width, offering the extra coverage you and your partner need to stay cozy and experience the deep, quality sleep you deserve. 

Bedding Feel


There is nothing like new bedding that feels as good as it looks. At PureCare, feel of hand is central to the sleep essentials we create. To help you narrow down your search to new bedding that will stay soft and snuggly, we suggest keeping the following in mind: 

True thread count. Many companies will weave poor-quality fibers into their sleep products to inflate the thread count, making them appear more luxurious than they are. This is why shopping for bedding based solely on thread count isn’t always a reliable standard of measuring luxury comfort.  

When you shop PureCare bedding, you can rest assured knowing that we always stick to our fabrics' true thread count as a rule.

Premium fibers. It’s always helpful to consider the fabric makeup and strength of the fibers within the new bedding you’re considering before purchasing. 

At PureCare, our sheets feature a unique blend of technical textiles and premium long-staple fibers, making our sleep essentials unique in design, strength, and durability. None of the wellness-focused fibers at the heart of our sheets and other comfort essentials will fade, wash, or wear out.

Sateen weave. The responsive fabrics that we use in our sheet sets feature a soft sateen weave, resulting in 4x more yarn on the face of the fabric compared to basic weaves found in bedding products you’ll find elsewhere. This means an exceptionally soft and smooth finish that feels like satin and is super gentle on your skin. 

Quality design. While it may sound like technical jargon, the single-ply, double-pick construction we weave into our sleep essentials ensures that you’ll receive high-quality, seriously comfy bedding that you’ll love snuggling up with night after night.

Bedding Finish


Lastly, not all fabric finishes offer the same sleep wellness benefits. Another thing to consider as you’re searching for the perfect bedding is your unique sleep needs and wellness goals. 

As the brand devoted to sleep wellness, we craft our bedding essentials from responsive fabrics specially designed to meet the sleep needs of those we serve. From proven cooling relief for hot sleepers to the soft touch of the finest cotton for cozy, up-close comfort, our responsive fabrics include: 

TENCEL Lyocell. Featured in our Refreshing Collection, TENCEL™ Lyocell is silky-soft and drapes beautifully. The breathable, gentle fabric is cool to the touch and wicks away moisture, making it an ideal choice if you prefer a cooler, refreshing surface while you sleep. 

TENCEL Modal. Looking for something super soft to snuggle up in? The soft and supple TENCEL™ Modal in our Soft Touch Collection is perfect for keeping your sleep environment cozy and warm year-round. 

CELLIANT®. If you work out a lot or spend a lot of time on your feet, then our Recovery Collection might be the perfect fit for you. Our Recovery sheets feature FDA-determined CELLIANT® infrared fibers, clinically proven to restore and help your body recover from physical activity while you sleep. 

Bamboo. Comfort that feels like home. Our Bamboo Collection is incredibly gentle with the renowned strength and durability of bamboo for a luxuriously comfortable sleep experience. 

100% Supima® Cotton. There’s nothing like the classic touch of cotton–unless we’re talking about the finest Supima® cotton, that is. Perfect for the coziest nights of sleep, our Supima® Cotton Collection offers cloud-like comfort without compromising the breathability of your sleep space.

Create the Perfect Comfort Bundle 

When a quick, stress-free refresh of your bedding is what you need, we’re here to help. From finding your ideal fit to the perfect finishing touch that will set your sleep space up with all things comfortable, stylish, and responsive to your sleep needs and preferences–we invite you to create the perfect comfort bundle with us at PureCare. 

Mix and match your favorite comfort essentials and save up to 40% off your entire purchase when you bundle with us at