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The Results Are In: Here's Why You'll Love Bamboo Sheets

We are thrilled to share that our Bamboo Rayon sheets landed in the Top 9 Best Bamboo Sheets list by Better Homes & Gardens! Read on to see what official testers loved most about them.
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We cannot help but spread the news and share in the love for our Bamboo Rayon sheets, as we recently learned that they landed on the Best Bamboo Sheets list by Better Homes & Gardens.

Before we share the feedback from the BH&G testers, let's dig into how these best-of lists by Better Homes & Gardens are created. 

What is a Blind Test Study?

Simply put, a blind test is when a group of testers evaluates a selection of products of similar nature without knowing any brand-identifying information. In the case of the article by Better Homes & Gardens, the product put in front of testers was bamboo sheets. 

"To find the best bamboo sheets, we conducted a blind test at our testing lab in Des Moines, Iowa, with 16 sets of sheets. Testers used a predetermined methodology to evaluate each set in five categories: quality, texture, breathability, durability, and value. The final rating was determined by averaging each pick's scores across categories." 

From the original sheet sets that testers evaluated, the top 9 made the final best-of list.

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Best Bamboo Sheets 

In addition to a numerical score, testers recorded honest feedback during their product evaluations to help our friends at Better Homes & Gardens determine the list of top bamboo sheets. 

Here's what everyone loved most about ours—

  1. Precision-Fit® corners. Thanks to the deep-pocketed design of our fitted sheets, there's no need to worry about them slipping off your mattress in the middle of the night. They fit perfectly on all mattresses up to 18" deep. 
  1. Thick and Breathable. The natural moisture-wicking property of the bamboo fibers in our sheets helps keep them breathable—but that doesn't mean they're super thin. Testers gave our Bamboo Rayon sheets some extra love for feeling thicker than our competitors, making them an ideal option to consider for warm and cool months. 
  1. Perfect Texture. Sheets with an incredible hand feel that hits all the right marks on comfort, coziness, and strength? Yes, please. In addition to a perfect score for texture, testers noted our bamboo sheets maintain their perfectly soft, cozy feel wash after wash.

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Bamboo + Better Wellness at Purecare  

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