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Back to School: Supplies for Sleep

August 10 2016
Posted by: PureCare

It’s sad, but true…the sweet days of summer are coming to an end. Although memories of summer vacations gone-by may linger, back-to-school season is upon us, and it’s time to get your kiddos rest routine in order. Sleep is vital to your child’s performance and productivity, and the weeks leading up to the beginning of school help to set the tone for the year to come. All the notebooks, pencils, and protractors in the world can’t beat a regulated rest routine, so give your youngster a head start with our sleep tips for all ages.

Preschoolers: 3–5 years old

For our littlest achievers, 11–13 hours of quality sleep are a must. A new school year is a brand new adventure for many munchkins, but the change in schedule can be overwhelming and interfere with their ability to get the sleep they need. Beat the back-to-school bedtime blues by creating a calming environment and a relaxing routine.

Shhh…it’s quiet time! About an hour before lights out, soothe your sweet little sleeper with light music, a bedtime story, or even a warm bath. Make these activities specific to turn-in time so that your tot adapts to the daily repetition and easily recognizes the cues for bedtime. And don’t forget that sweet dreams start right here. Gift your child the sleep comfort and wellness benefits they need with our PureCare Kids collection of premium youth pillows. Designed for children 3 -12, our Kids collection will help your little one get a head start with the proper sleep support they need.

Middle Schoolers: 6–13 years old

If your growing child fits in this age range, they need between 9–11 hours of rest every night. Homework and after school activities typically increase at these ages, so it’s a great time to teach kiddos about healthy sleep habits. 

Help them (and you!) avoid the nightly sleep struggle by setting and sticking to an evening routine. Eliminating the use of electronics in the bedroom an hour before bedtime can help end the tuck-in tantrum phase. As kids in this age range adjust to a more grown up sleep schedule, balancing their circadian rhythm is vital to their success. Eliminate distractions with a sleep mask to block out visual distractions and light that could throw your little ones sweet sleep off track.

High Schoolers: 14–17 years old

Almost grown, but not yet grown up, our teenaged kiddos depend on the restorative rest they need to balance their days. Kids in this age range need a minimum of 8–10 hours of healthy sleep nightly. Though it may seem futile (as teens have a natural predisposition to go to bed late and sleep in even later), healthy sleep doesn’t have to be a nightly hassle.

A few weeks before school starts, begin rolling back the bedtime clock by 10–15 minutes each night. Have patience but set a strict time—and that means no more TV! Start each morning by opening their bedroom blinds and letting that AM sunshine in. Ban late-night texting and chatting by setting rules to keep electronics out of the bedroom when bedtime rolls around. And most importantly, be sure to stick to their pre-determined sleep schedule on the weekends in order to avoid Monday morning mayhem.

Treat your teen to their own sleep sanctuary with PureCare Elements Bamboo sheets. Infused with bamboo rayon and luxury staple cotton in a premium sateen weave, our sheet collections provide gentle and rich comfort for their almost-grown sleep environment.  

Back-to-school shouldn’t bring the bedtime blues. Help your youngster reach the head of the class with healthy sleep habits for every stage of their lives.

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Bring the Beach Home

July 27 2016
Posted by: PureCare

There’s nothing like a day at the beach. Who doesn’t love the sand between their toes and the sunshine on their faces? What if you could take some of the beauty and benefits of the seaside back to your own bedroom with PureCare Elements premium SeaCell™ sheets?

Our premium PureCare Elements Halio® sheets feature a sateen woven blend of long staple cotton and the technical textile SeaCell™.  Every SeaCell fiber includes natural cellulose derived from the highest quality seaweed—nature’s all natural, nutrient-packed plant. Harness the powerful restorative benefits of the sea with our premium linens as the natural antioxidants in SeaCell fibers work to nourish your body, reduce inflammation, and revitalize and protect your skin. No SPF needed!

Ahh…but what about that sweet salty sea air? Bring the scents of the water, sand, and air together in your sleep sanctuary with the Yankee Candle® Housewarmer® Beach Walk™ Classic Jar Candle. Recreate the inviting atmosphere of a beach breeze bedside and slip into a restful night’s sleep.

We’ve just about finished creating the bedroom that beach dreams are made of, but what about the soothing sounds of waves? Mask noise disturbances with The Sharper Image Sound Soother White Noise Machine. Relax with the soft cascading sounds of a day lounging on the shore as you drift off to the dunes of your dreams.

Leaving your beach vacation doesn’t have to be a bummer. Bring beach bliss to your bedroom year-round. 

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