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Weighted Blankets: The Key to Restful Sleep

Weighted blankets have been gaining in popularity over the years, but did you know there's more to love about these cozy blankets than their on-trend status?Find out why researchers say that weighted blankets are a key to restful sleep.
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We pack a lot into our days, don’t we? Between the hustle of our working lives, the responsibilities we have at home, and the push to remain constantly plugged into the world at our fingertips—it’s no wonder that we sometimes find ourselves feeling exhausted and yearning to relax.

So, what is it that we’re missing in the recipe for sleep success? Some say that the answer lies in weighted blankets. Research suggests that the calming effects of weighted blankets can help all kinds of sleepers, big and small, catch a few more restful winks each night. 

The Blanket that Hugs You Back

While weighted blankets have been growing in popularity over the last few years, the truth is that they have been around for a long time as much more than an on-trend bedding accessory item. 

Considered the blankets that hug you back, the health and wellness community has long looked to weighted blankets as a tool used in a therapy technique known as deep pressure stimulation, which uses the evenly-distributed weight to incorporate controlled pressure across the body.

Similar to how newborns love being swaddled because it mimics the snug sensation of being back in the womb, the controlled pressure that weighted blankets provide helps slow the hyperactivity of our sympathetic nervous system and decrease the body’s production of cortisol (the stress hormone). 

The extra weight from a weighted blanket evokes the feeling of a firm embrace, inspiring the body to decrease cortisol production and relax—calming our breathing, decreasing our heart rate, and reducing feelings of stress and anxiety. 

So, in many ways, you can think of weighted blankets like big-kid swaddles specially designed for troubled sleepers.

PureCare Weighted Blankets

Choosing a Weighted Blanket

Considering the abundance of weighted blankets out there, how do you know which blanket may be right for you? Fair question. 

The National Sleep Foundation suggests that a good rule of thumb is to look for one equivalent to about 10% of your body weight.

For example:

  • 100-pound bodyweight? Look for a 10-pound blanket.
  • 150-pound bodyweight? Look for a 15-pound blanket.
  • 200-pound bodyweight? Look for a 20-pound blanket.

And so forth. 

Weighted blankets at PureCare

Weighted Blankets at PureCare

In the quest to help you find the ideal blanket, we have 15 and 20-pound weighted blankets available in our Zensory™ Weighted Blanket Collection.

Designed to distribute weight evenly without bunching or shifting, our weighted blankets feature exclusive 4” mini pockets and a durable, seven-layer fabrication to provide continuous gentle pressure stimulation while minimizing noise for optimal relaxation.

Not only that, but each pocket features non-porous, hypoallergenic glass beads that will not absorb moisture or other irritants—honoring our decades-long commitment to delivering comfortable products that support your sleep quality and wellness.

Another bonus? All PureCare weighted blankets are easy to pair with our soft, velveted blanket covers. Reversible in design, our weighted blanket covers allow you to choose between one of our most beloved responsive fabrics, refreshing TENCEL Lyocell, for a cooler touch on one side, or the super cozy feel of velveted fleece on the other.

Not only that, but the simple color-match tie assembly makes it incredibly convenient to strip the cover and toss it in the wash for a refresh of your sleep space on laundry day.

So, now the real question is, what are you “weighting” for? 

weighted blankets for adults

Mix, Match, and Save

Ready to snuggle up beneath a weighted blanket this season? 

Our entire collection of weighted blankets and other luxury bedding essentials is thoughtfully designed with responsive fabrics to help improve your sleep quality and wellness at every turn.

Visit us at purecare.com to mix, match, and save up to 40% off when you curate a bedding bundle to support your sleep needs and wellness goals.