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Cool for the Summer: How to Transform Your Bedroom into a Cooling Oasis

If summer nights have you tossing and turning, throwing your sleep schedule off track, consider taking these four simple steps to transforming your bedroom into a calm, refreshing oasis perfect for quality rest. 

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How are you keeping yourself cool and comfortable during the year's hottest season?  

If summer nights have you tossing and turning, throwing your sleep schedule off track, you may want to consider investing in cooling essentials that will help transform your bedroom into a calm, refreshing oasis perfect for quality rest and relaxation.  

To help make your shopping experience quick and easy, we recommend starting from the base layer of your bed and working your way up.  

cooling protectors

4 Steps to the Perfect Cooling Bed 

Start with a Cooling Mattress Protector 

A clean, cool, and comfortable sleep space begins with arguably the most crucial part of any bed: the mattress. 

We recommend layering your perfect cooling bed with a mattress protector that's not only proven to help minimize heat buildup but also offers benefits that keep your space as clean as possible from allergens and irritants that can disrupt your sleep. 

Some of the summer's top-rated cooling mattress protectors include our— 

cooling pillows

Choose Comfy Cooling Pillows 

We all know the feeling of flipping to the cool side of the pillow when summer days shift into humid summer nights. But instead of losing sleep from flipping back and forth all night, why not look for proven cooling pillows that offer that chilly sensation from both sides? 

Featuring the same rapid chill cooling fibers that you'll find throughout our Cooling Mattress Protector, our best-selling SoftCell® Chill pillow is renowned for the clinically-proven cooling relief it delivers. 

Plus, it comes packed with benefits for all sleepers and positions. From its adjustable loft to its unique design that allows you to tailor your pillow to your individual comfort and support needs, the reversible SoftCell® Chill is the king of cooling pillows. 

Other comfy, cooling options you might consider include our— 

  • Cooling Replenish pillow featuring a cooling cover and a cooling gel-topped memory foam layer. 
  • Cooling Down pillow featuring the cloud-like comfort of down paired with a cooling cover for breezy breathability. 
  • Cooling Body pillow for a whole-body cooling experience that's ideal for snuggly sleepers and moms-to-be who need some extra cooling and pressure-relieving support.  

(Bonus Tip: No matter which option you choose, popping a cooling pillow protector on your new favorite pillow can also help ease sleep heat.) 

refreshing sheets

Get Top Rated Refreshing Sheets 

There's nothing quite like slipping beneath a set of cool, refreshing sheets after a long day spent in the summer sun. Always at the top of our list of lightweight bedding favorites is our collection of refreshing TENCEL™ Lyocell sheets. 

Crafted from the pulp of sustainably harvested eucalyptus trees, these sheets are naturally heat and wrinkle-resistant; the natural TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers woven throughout also help wick away moisture, keeping sleepers of all temperatures dry and comfortable.  

At the same time, we've combined the natural silky-smooth cool touch of best-selling TENCEL™ Lyocell with long-staple cotton in a luxurious sateen weave, adding an element of refreshing breathability that helps keep the summertime heat at bay. 

cooling bedding

Finish Up with Cooling Top-of-Bed Essentials 

No cooling bedding collection is complete without a crisp comforter and fresh assortment of designer top-of-bed layers that add fun, beautiful pops of color to your sleep space. 

Our recommended cooling top-of-bed essentials include our— 

  • Lightweight cooling duvet inserts. These cooling comforters feature our rapid chill cooling fibers and an exclusive down-alternative fill for dreamy summer nights. What's more, the unique snap connectors adorning our inserts make it simple to combine two at a time, so you can easily add or remove layers to meet your comfort needs the whole year through. 
  • Reversible cooling duvet covers. Available in various designer colors, these cooling covers are crafted to bring you cooling relief and match your unique style in one fell swoop. Easily slip the duvet cover of your choice over your comforter or use it on its own as an extra light layer for restful sleep. 
  • Reversible cooling pillow shams that pair perfectly with bedding essentials across our complete collection. These cooling shams also help alleviate the summertime heat—so the only question now is, which color combination will you choose? 

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