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10 Spring Wellness Recipes We Love

Now that the flowers are blooming and warmer weather is here, there’s no better time to indulge in all things light, colorful, and delicious. In this post, we’ve handpicked our favorite spring recipes to usher in the season, including two that are perfect for adding a little spring to your home and self-care routine.


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Springtime Drinks 

Iced Golden Milk Latte 

If you're a fan of warm golden milk during the colder months, you'll love this iced version that's perfect for spring. This classic recipe features turmeric, which has natural anti-inflammatory properties while offering a host of other wellness benefits as well. Rounding things out are cinnamon, ginger, vanilla for flavor—and your milk of choice. Mix it all up in a shaker, pour it over ice, and enjoy! 

kiwi lemonade recipe and photo by lynn mejia

Kiwi Lemonade 

Lemonade is a classic springtime drink, but this version gets an unexpected twist with the addition of fresh kiwi. Packed with Vitamin C, kiwi not only adds a unique tropical flavor to this refreshing drink, but it’s also a fresh fruit that’s been linked to improved sleep (bonus!). Give it a try—let us know what you think! 

sleepy girl mocktail - photo by MARIHA-KITCHEN | better homes and gardens

Sleepy Girl Mocktail 

If you're looking for something relaxing to wind down with after a long day, this Sleepy Girl Mocktail is a fantastic choice. This recipe combines soothing chamomile tea, lavender syrup, and lemon for a calming drink that's perfect for sipping in the hour or two before bed.  

Bonus Tip: For an extra cozy experience, try it when you’re snuggled up beneath your favorite springtime coverlet or floral duvet. 

little gem recipe and photo by feasting at home

Springtime Eats

Little Gem Salad 

Salads are a great way to get in some fresh greens during the springtime, and this Little Gem Salad is the perfect example. This recipe combines crisp little gem lettuce with salty Parmesan cheese, crunchy breadcrumbs, and tangy lemon dressing for a delicious and satisfying dish. For an extra boost of protein, try it with some grilled chicken or shrimp.

 spring minestrone soup and photo by the endless meal

Spring Minestrone Soup

Soup might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of spring, but this spring minestrone soup recipe is a perfect example of how light yet nourishing a good bowl of soup can be. This version is packed with fresh veggies like asparagus, peas, and fennel, as well as hearty beans and pasta—making it a great recipe to try on a rainy spring day. 

spring pea pesto recipe and photo by feasting at home

Spring Pea Pesto 

If you're looking for a delicious dish that's packed with fresh flavor, this Spring Pea Pesto is a fantastic choice. Made with fresh peas, mint, and lemon, it pairs perfectly with bowtie pasta topped with roasted tomatoes, which gives it an extra pop of color and sweetness that’s sure to please. 

one-pan cilantro-lime chicken recipe and photo by eating well

One-Pan Cilantro-lime Chicken 

If you're short on time but still looking for a delicious and healthy meal that's packed with fresh flavor, this one-Pan cilantro-lime chicken is a total game-changer. Not only is it incredibly easy to make—requiring some chicken thighs, limes, cilantro, garlic, and a few pantry staples—but the end result is a juicy and flavorful dish that's perfect for enjoying throughout the season. 

dandelion salve recipe and photo by the nerdy farm wife

Spring DIY Salve + Diffuser Blends 

Simple Dandelion Salve 

This time of year is fantastic for foraging for some of nature's most healing ingredients, like dandelions, which are known for their anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving benefits. Use this easy-to-make dandelion salve on sore muscles, bruises, and dry skin when you need some extra TLC.

essential oil diffuser

Spring Breeze Essential Oil Blend 

What better way to bring some of the bright, fresh scent of the world outdoors in than a quick and easy springtime essential oil blend? This Spring Breeze diffuser recipe combines lavender, citrus, and peppermint essential oils to create a scent that's perfect for inspiring a sense of calm throughout your home. Try it in your bedroom diffuser for a little boost of peace and relaxation at bedtime.

raindrops on rosemary recipe and photo by young living

Raindrops on Rosemary Essential Oil Blend 

Perfect for a rainy spring day, we love that this DIY blend from Young Living combines the fresh scent of rosemary with an invigorating punch of spearmint. Tangerine essential oil tops things off, adding a tangy brightness that complements any space in need of a sweet, springtime refresh. Get the full recipe here!

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