ReversaTemp - Cooling <or> Heating Reversible Protectors
Experience premium moisture, allergen and dust mite protection plus the added benefits of two distinctly different technical textiles. The unique, reversible design of our ReversaTemp protector collection provides a customizable solution for sleep surface temperature control. Simply flip the ReversaTemp protector over for quick and easy year-round microclimate control from cool to warm.

Featured technical textiles: FRÍO Rapid Chill Cooling Fibers <or> Heatstar Insulating Fibers
Our double-sided construction features two distinctly different technical textiles - PureCare’s exclusive FRÍO® rapid chill cooling fibers or insulating HeatStar fibers.

FRÍO rapid chill cooling fibers: Cool to the touch, FRÍO fibers are a mineral-based technical textile that provide a refreshingly cooler sleep surface throughout the night.

Heatstar insulating fibers: The porous interior of every Heatstar fiber contains a series of air cavities that accumulate your body’s natural heat energy to provide a comfortably warmer sleep surface.