Premium Modal Sheet Sets

PureCare Elements Sheets: Arbor Modal® premium sheet sets
PureCare has tapped into raw ingredients organically provided by nature to introduce the first sheet collection focused on technical textiles that enhance the sleep environment and provide unique benefits to the sleeper. Latin for "of the Trees", the name Arbor represents the natural element of European beechwood trees - one of the key comfort benefits included in our Arbor sheets.

Featured technical textile: Lenzing Modal® fibers
Our Arbor linens feature a unique blend of long staple cotton and Modal fibers for a smooth, supple touch. Twice as soft as cotton, Modal fibers are ecologically blended from the pulp of European beechwood trees, utilizing natural elements to provide a light, silky hand.

Comfort & construction features: 
- Precision-Fit™ corners provide a clean, crisp fit for each fitted sheet
- Precision-Fit cuff - 1" elastic band prevents your fitted sheet from slipping off your mattress - ideal for standard or adjustable bases
- Enveloping pillowcases secure your pillow within each pillowcase
- Additional 4" width to the flat sheet provides complete coverage

Premium Modal Pillow Cases
Arbor premium pillowcases are designed with an 8" enveloping pocket to ensure that you pillow stays securely in place throughout the night. Harness the naturally soft touch of Arbor, featuring a soft, sateen weave of ecologically blended Modal® fibers and premium long staple cotton.
Premium Modal Sheet Set
Harness the naturally soft touch of Arbor sheets featuring a sateen woven blend of premium long staple cotton and ecologically blended Lenzing Modal® fibers. PureCare Elements sheets are designed with comfort and construction features that provide an ideal fit for both standard or adjustable base mattresses up to 18" deep.