Premium FRíO Sheets Sets

PureCare Elements Sheets: Glacies FRÍO® premium sheet sets
Our earth organically provides us with elements that offer the raw ingredients to harness wellness and healing. PureCare has tapped into this potential to introduce the first sheet collection focused on technical textiles that enhance the sleep environment and provide unique benefits to the sleeper. Latin for "of the Ice", the name Glacies represents the natural element of ice - they key to the powerful benefits of cooling FRÍO fibers.

Featured technical textile: FRÍO® rapid chill cooling fibers 
Glacies sheets blend mineral based FRÍO rapid chill cooling fibers with ultra plush TENCEL® threads, creating a luxury responsive textile that is more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk, and cools five times faster than traditional polyester. Infused into liquid fiber, the proprietary blend of FRÍO micarex minerals fuse together to create countless heat dispersing tunnels within each rapid-chill cooling fiber to create a refreshingly cooler sleep surface.

Comfort & construction features:
- Precision-Fit™ corners provide a clean, crisp fit for each fitted sheet
- Precision-Fit cuff - 1" elastic band prevents your fitted sheet from slipping off your mattress - ideal for standard or adjustable bases
- Enveloping pillowcases secure your pillow within each pillowcase
- Additional 4" width to the flat sheet provides complete coverage 

Our premium FRÍO sheets are currently out of stock and not available to order at this time.