Down pillows

PureCare's premium down pillows feature a unique chambered construction along with a down proof inner lining that locks feathers inside, ensuring a consistent and comfortable sleep surface. Our pillow covers are treated with antimicrobial silver chloride that inhibits bacteria, mold and mildew that causes deterioration, stains and odors on this product. Our premium white down and feathers are bathed in Ultra-Fresh which helps to provide additional freshness protection for the feathers throughout the life of your pillow.

Allergic to down? Discover PureCare's wide selection of Identically Down (i.d.) pillows, featuring our exclusive designer down alternative.

Great for allergy sufferers, the covers on our PureCare pillows provide a physical barrier that resists allergens, bed bugs and dust mites.

*PureCare down pillows protect against environmental allergens that accumulate in down feathers.