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Temp Control Fiber Pillow (medium)
Temp Control Fiber Pillow (medium)
Temp Control Fiber Pillow (medium)
Temp Control Fiber Pillow (medium)
Temp Control Fiber Pillow (medium)
Temp Control Fiber Pillow (medium)
Breathable fiber fill
Soft and smooth support
Cover provides a temperature-neutral sleep surface

Temp Control Fiber Pillow (medium)

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Our exclusive, designer down alternative Temp Control Fiber Pillow is perfect for the down lover who sleeps both hot and cold. Our down-like fill provides soft, medium lofted support for the neck and shoulders throughout the night, while our heat responsive TempSync fibers provide a comfortable, temperature-neutral sleep surface.

  • Loft: Medium
  • Firmness: Soft
  • Fill: Designer down alternative fiber
  • Cover: Our exclusive TempSync temperature-balancing fibers
  • Available sizes: 
    • Queen: 30" x 18"
    • King: 36" x 18"
  • Limited 3 year warranty against defects in materials or manufacturing, excluding stains, abuse or neglect, alterations or normal wear and tear.

Looking for cleaner sleep? This pillow is completely washable. Simply machine wash on a warm, gentle cycle with like colors and tumble dry low until thoroughly dry.

Bundle tip: Pair our pillows with a pillow protector for complete protection. 

Enjoy complete 360° protection for your pillow with one of our clinically proven pillow protectors.

Our zippered pillow protectors can be washed and dried on hot settings to help you create a cleaner, more hygienic sleep surface. 

Our fade-free promise ensures that the temperature-regulating properties built into our TempSync fibers won’t wash out. Plus, the antimicrobial properties on our silver treated products remain active for over 50 washings and never impact the comfort or softness of our fabrics.

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Refreshing TENCEL<sup>™</sup> Lyocell Pillowcase Set

Refreshing TENCEL Lyocell Pillowcase Set

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Down-like Comfort

Do you love the feel of down but suffer from feather allergies? We can solve that sleep issue. Our medium profile Temp Control Pillow is filled with the cloud-like comfort of our designer down alternative, providing breathable, cushioned support for continuous comfort. 

Comfort + Temperature Control

Our Temp Control pillow collection fuses advanced comfort layers with responsive fibers to provide an optimal resting place for your head and neck. Our responsive fiber pillow covers feature quilted layers of plush TENCEL Lyocell and heat responsive TempSync fibers for a silky-soft and temperature-neutral sleep surface all night long.

Your body temperature tends to fluctuate throughout the night, which can cause interruptions in your sleep cycle. Enhanced by our exclusive paraffin based TempSync fibers, paraffin within the pillow cover fibers changes state from liquid to solid throughout the night, allowing the advanced textile to maintain a consistent and comfortable sleep temperature all night long. This natural process helps to counterbalance temperature fluctuations for a comfortable and consistent temperature-neutral sleep surface.

Temperature-Balanced Fiber Fill

Temperature-Balanced Fiber Fill

Our breathable, designer down alternative fiber fill provides lofted comfort all night long.

Silver Product Protection

Silver Product Protection

Our antimicrobial silver product protection helps keep your bedding fresher longer by inhibiting bacteria, mold, and mildew that cause deterioration, stains, and odors on this product. Our silver treatment lasts for over 50 washes and never affects the softness or comfort of our fabrics.

Official Bedding of the NSF

Official Bedding of the NSF

Our sleep essentials are the official bedding products of the National Sleep Foundation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I replace my pillow?

If you use a pillow protector, you should plan to replace your pillows every three years. Pillows that are used without protection from moisture, allergens, and other irritants that build up in your sleep environment over time should be replaced every year. 

Is this pillow hypoallergenic?

Many of our pillows are designed with our exclusive designer down alternative, Identically Down, which are more hypoallergenic than down pillows. The best way to reduce allergen buildup in your pillow is to use a pillow protector nightly. 

What is the difference between Down and Down Alternative?

Real down and feathers naturally break down over time, which can increase your exposure to allergens and irritants in your sleep environment. We’ve designed our exclusive designer down alternative out of soft fibers that provide the comfort of down without the allergen drawbacks.

How long do the temperature control benefits last?

The beneficial properties provided by TempSync responsive textiles will never wash out, lasting the lifetime of our products. 

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