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Recovery Pillow Protector
Recovery Pillow Protector
Recovery Pillow Protector
Recovery Pillow Protector
Recovery Pillow Protector
Recovery Pillow Protector
Improves local circulation and tissue oxygenation
Stimulates quicker physical recovery
Enhances your sleep wellness

Recovery Pillow Protector

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Our award-winning Recovery pillow protector is a lightweight, fully washable 360° barrier against moisture, bed bugs, allergens, dust mites, mold, mildew, and stains.

Recovery pillow protector is designed with the mineral-based, infrared responsive fiber Celliant®, which upcycles your body’s wasted infrared energy by reflecting it back into your muscles and tissues as you sleep. With benefits that include faster recovery from physical activity and prolonged periods of sleep, it’s no wonder why our premium protectors are the official protectors of the Women’s Choice Award and the National Sleep Foundation.

  • Available sizes: 
    • Standard: 21”x27”
    • Queen: 21”x30”
    • King: 21”x40”
  • Our Recovery pillow protector is recommended for use over any pillow material.
  • 5 year warranty

Quick and easy on laundry day.

Just like your mattress, you most likely can’t throw your entire pillow in the wash. That’s why it’s essential that you protect it. Our Recovery pillow barrier can be washed and dried on hot settings to help you create a cleaner, more hygienic sleep surface. If you like the idea of 360° protection, consider adding a total encasement protector over your mattress for continuous protection.

The recovery properties built into Celliant responsive fibers won’t wash out, and will last the lifetime of this protector. The antimicrobial properties on our treated products remain active for over 50 washings and never impact the comfort or softness of our fabrics.

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We believe everyone deserves to have pure quality sleep. That is why all of PureCare's premium bedding products are backed by our 30-Night Risk-Free Trial, up to a 10-Year Warranty, Free Shipping and Easy Returns.

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Protection + Recovery

Your body is constantly producing energy. In fact, you naturally generate an average of 100 watts of power every second that your body uses for essential functions. Incredibly, only about 40% of the power your body produces is utilized while the remaining 60% goes unused.

By encouraging a surge of oxygen at the cellular level, Celliant fibers helps your body increase overall tissue oxygenation by an average of 8%.** This clinically proven boost temporarily promotes increased local blood flow at the site of application in healthy individuals, which helps stimulate quicker recovery. Clinical trials have also revealed numerous positive effects on sleep wellness, including periods of longer, deeper sleep throughout the night with sleep efficiency improving 2.6%* on average.

Designed for Cleaner Comfort

Powered by your own metabolism, the natural, biological process of energy upcycling continuously repeats as your body creates and releases energy and Celliant reflects it back as beneficial infrared wavelengths. The benefits of Celliant work through multiple layers of bedding, allowing you to pair our Recovery pillow protector with any of our premium pillowcases or shams as you design your sleep space. Our Recovery protector collection is made from our breathable, 4-way circular stretch knit OmniGuard® Advance fabric for ultra-thin, whisper-quiet protection that won’t change the feel of your mattress. Cleaner sleep features like our locking zipper and double-bound MiteTight® seams keep allergens and irritants from infesting your pillow.

Clinically Proven Protection

We work through the details of every product with experts who put care in their craft. From hygiene experts and independent labs to modern textile designers, we ensure that our products provide the premium, cleaner comfort that we promise.

The FDA has determined that Celliant products are medical devices (as defined in section 201(h) of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act) and are general wellness products. *Celliant Pilot Sleep Study, Dr. Marcel Hungs & Dr. Annabel Wang, University of California - Irvine Medical Center, 2010. **Single Center Prospective Comparative Study to Evaluate the Performance of an Upper Torso Garment, Dr. Ian Gordon, Long Beach VA Memorial Hospital, Journal of Textile Science and Engineering, 2014

Vartest Certified

Vartest Certified

Our OmniGuard Advance fabric has passed the highest barrier performance test established by the Centers for Disease Control and is certified to block viruses 32 nanometers in diameter. Covid-19 is approximately 125 nanometers in diameter.

Silver Product Protection

Silver Product Protection

Our antimicrobial silver product protection helps keep your bedding fresher longer by inhibiting bacteria, mold, and mildew that cause deterioration, stains, and odors on this product.

Official Bedding of the NSF

Official Bedding of the NSF

Our sleep essentials are the official bedding products of the National Sleep Foundation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this product qualify for bundle savings?

Yes—and as a bonus, Celliant® benefits work through up to 7 layers of bedding, so pair away! 

Can I order fabric swatches?

Samples swatches for our protectors are in the works. Please check back soon. 

How long do the benefits of Celliant last?

The beneficial properties provided by Celliant®-infused infrared responsive textiles will never wash out, lasting the lifetime of our products. 

How do I care for/wash this protector?

Our premium protectors are designed using our OmniGuard® Advance fabric, which is specifically designed to be washed and dried on hot to provide the cleanest, most hygienic sleep surface.

What certifications does this protector have?

Vartest Certified

Our OmniGuard Advance fabric has passed the highest barrier performance test established by the Centers for Disease Control and is certified to block viruses 32 nanometers in diameter. Covid-19 is approximately 125 nanometers in diameter.

Women's Choice Award

Our entire collection of premium mattress and pillow protectors are the official protectors of the Women's Choice Award. This award certifies that 9 out of 10 women surveyed would recommend our products to friends and family. Learn more at

National Sleep Foundation

Finally, our protectors are the official mattress and pillow protectors of the National Sleep Foundation.

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