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Latex Pillows

Latex Pillows

Quick, responsive comfort and soft support

Latex Pillows

Latex Pillows

If you’ve struggled to find the right pillow, then you know how much your pillow can deeply affect the quality of your sleep. A pillow that is too soft can cause tension in your neck. And a pillow that is too hard will keep you from relaxing and drifting off. For many, the quick-response and comforting support of our latex pillows has been a key to better sleep wellness.

Our latex pillows are constructed with premium vented Talalay latex. Loved for its buoyant, light touch compared to typical latexes, we use Talalay in the composition of our pillows to help support and relax muscles in your head, neck and shoulders.

Experience a soothing night’s sleep with the soft, airy touch of our Talalay latex pillows.

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