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Why Your Sleep Schedule is Suffering

Why Your Sleep Schedule is Suffering

You’ve worked on your wind-down and listened to all the advice on how to get you quality sleep. But try as you might, you just seem to not be getting the slumber you and your body needs. What if some of the truths you hold so dear about tucking-in could be what is actually sabotaging your quality sleep?

Take a look at these reasons your sleep schedule could be slacking—your mornings will thank you.

5 Reasons Your Sleep Schedule is Off

1) You're Drinking too much Caffeine

When you grab a pick-me-up to power you through your day, there’s a good chance it contains some sources of caffeine. While coffee may be clutch to many, it can turn into a serious crutch. While there are some benefits to a healthy relationship with caffeine, it can negatively affect your sleep cycle.

Consider this instead…

Morning: Start the day by chomping on an apple (or other good-sugar fruits like a banana or an orange). Pair this with a protein, such as yogurt or an oh-so-easy egg recipe, and you have an arsenal for achievement!

Mid-morning: Stretch it out! A quick limbering of your limbs or even a walk around the block can boost not just your energy but your positivity levels, as well.

Mid-afternoon: Step away from your go-to (highly sugar saturated) treat and try something just as yummy. These alternatives provide an energy boost that outlasts a sugar rush and crushes the carb crash.

2) Your Sleep Space is too Disruptive

Did you know that the ideal room temperature for sleep is between 60-67 degrees? Even if you’ve lowered your bedroom temp, you will wake up sweating throughout the night if you curl up within a fortress of pillows, blankets, and sheets. Your body temperature needs to decrease throughout the night in order to keep your circadian cycle in rhythm. 

Consider this instead…

Utilize technical textiles like FRíO® rapid chill cooling fibers. Our clinically proven Cooling mattress and pillow protectors provide a unique tunneling effect that keeps heat from accumulating in the material surrounding the body. FRíO®  fibers help provide a refreshingly cooler sleep surface by dispersing body heat throughout the surface of the protector at a rate five times faster than that of regular polyester, focusing solely on heat reduction along the sleep surface.

3) Too Much Screen Time Before Bed

The scroll cycle is real—and you have totally fallen into it. You figure at least you’re in bed; so what if you fall asleep to the web or tv? Keep in mind your phone isn’t the one who will wake up groggy.

Consider this instead…

Distractions, like blue-light emitting devices, can trick our brain into thinking it is time to be awake, even though you are tucked-in and tuckered out, leading to tossing and turning.

Good rule of thumb? Turn off your devices one hour before bedtime. Take your battle with blocking out light one step further with a sleep mask to block out visual distractions and light. We promise the emails and apps will be there in the morning

4) The Snooze Button is Holding You Back

We know, we know. Who amongst us doesn’t love that extra ten minutes or so of snooze-time? So, you set that clock a little earlier than needed so you know you can pound that pillow a little more. Just a little sleep satisfaction, right? Not so fast.

Consider this instead…

Your body naturally starts waking about two hours prior to officially rising for the day, so slamming the snooze makes your body think, “False alarm!”

When that snooze alarm comes inevitably back around, you have set yourself up for groggy and fuzzy-headed mayhem.

Bottom line: those extra half-awake snooze minutes aren’t quality sleep and can leave you feeling out of whack for the day to come.

5) Your Bedding Needs an Upgrade

You curl up to your favorite pillow…the same pillow that’s been with you since…well, forever. Sure, you have to slap it in place a bit, but it’s YOUR pillow. Same goes for those sheets you got on sale ages ago. They’re fading, but they’re just sheets, right? 

Consider this instead…

The truth is that pillows are designed to last about two years. (TWO years?!) Yes, two years. And sheets typically carry a warranty of one year. After that, the supportive materials and fibers start to break down from the repeated use, skin cells, sweat, and drool that has accumulated in your sleep surfaces. Clean, supportive pillows and fresh sheets provide a sleep surface that leads to better, quality sleep.

Next Steps

Breathe new life into your bedroom and start fresh for the season. We suggest taking a peek at our Recovery Collection for your next pillow. Designed with your body in mind, the entire collection features clinically tested Celliant® infrared fibers that absorb energy emitted by your body and recycle it back into your deep muscle and tissues, providing additional wellness benefits beyond perfect support.

Next up? Our best-selling luxury Soft Touch TENCEL Modal sheets feature a unique blend of long staple cotton and premium TENCEL Modal fibers for smooth, ultra-cozy comfort.

It’s time to wake up refreshed. Which tip will be your first step toward your best sleep yet? Do you have a tip you’d like to share? Comment below or share on our Facebook page.

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