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Top Tips for Daylight Savings

Top Tips for Daylight Savings

When the air starts to get chillier and our days seem to drag on well past sunset, it’s natural to feel a bit out-of-sync. You may welcome the annual fall Daylight Savings time change that sets our clocks back an hour, but those sudden early morning rays could be a sleep stealer. Don’t let Daylight Savings Time throw you off your rest routine—take a look at our simple tips to help you beat the “fall back funk” for better sleep this season!

1. Plan Ahead and Get to Bed

For those of us who love to sleep, pushing back the clocks might seem like gaining an extra blissful hour of Sunday morning shut-eye. Bonus time…right? Actually, our bodies are tuned to tuck-in according to the sun’s movement—not our clock—which means Daylight Savings Time throws off our natural circadian rhythm. That means your lazy morning could wreak havoc on your healthy sleep habits and make you feel out of sorts for the start of the week.

Untitled -1 (1) TIP: To help your body prepare for the time change Sunday morning, try adjusting your alarm by 30 minutes starting on Friday followed by hitting the hay at your normal bedtime. Repeating this routine on Saturday will help you stick to your natural sleep schedule. You’ll be thanking yourself Monday morning when your body feels rested.

2. Reset Your Rhythm

Sad, but true—the sun has set on the long, sun-filled days of another summer season. Winter brings shorter days, and this seasonal shift in sunshine means that your brain starts producing its natural sleep aid—melatonin—earlier in the day. This means your mid-day energy dip hits earlier and may have you forcing off fatigue you didn’t expect.

Untitled -1 (1) TIP: Set your alarm for earlier than you normally would. Sound crazy? Hear us out. Experts say that spending an extra 15-20 minutes outside in the a.m. this time of year can help you reset your circadian cycle and provide some much needed Vitamin D. So, make a new playlist, get outside for an early morning walk, and reap the benefits of extra exercise and sunshine.

3. Power Nap for Productivity

Ok, so you’re eating well, exercising regularly, and following your sleep schedule to a “T,” but the sluggish slump still looms come 3 p.m. What gives? Our friend melatonin is to blame!

Untitled -1 (1) TIP: Defy your mid-day dip by adding some Zz’s to your lunchtime routine. By taking a power nap earlier in the day, you won’t disrupt your established bed time, and this simple tip will help fight daily fatigue.

4. Create a Sanctuary for Sleep

Forgetting to adjust your sleep environment for the sudden shift into sunny mornings can steal your sleep. Daylight Savings Time doesn’t have to put a damper on your sweet dreams!

Untitled -1 (1) TIP: Stay on your sleep schedule game by tuning out early sunrays with our PureCare DreamComposer Sleep Shade + Scented Cool Remedy Gel Mask. Our eye mask features light-eclipsing construction that blocks out visual distractions that could come between you and your needed Zz’s. Bonus time! Our optional therapeutic cool-remedy gel mask is infused with essential oils, like lavender, that will help soothe your stress and ease you into the oh-so-refreshing rest you and your body needs.

Rolling back the clocks doesn’t have to mean rolling back on our healthy Zz’s. Let’s defy the Daylight Savings sleep slip and get back to our better night’s rest this season!

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