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Top 5 Ways to Sleep Cool This Summer - From our Guest Blogger Holly Marie of AsCuteAsABugsEar

Top 5 Ways to Sleep Cool This Summer - From our Guest Blogger Holly Marie of AsCuteAsABugsEar

The Summer heat is here to stay. Sleeping in the heat can make nights difficult in the Valley of the Sun. Check out my Top 5 Ways to Sleep Cool This Summer and please share tips that work for you! 

The temperatures are in the 110s and only cool down to the low 80s at night. I keep the house at 80 degrees during the day and cool it off to a breezy 78 degrees at night. I would LOVE to keep the thermostat lower- but the electricity bill would kill me.

Invest in Your Health: 

Yes. Sleeping is INCREDIBLY important for your health and well-being. There are LOTS of things that can start to go wrong if you consistently lose sleep… parents of young kids I can feel you nodding along.

Make sure that your bedroom is equipped with the comfort you need to survive the heat of the summer. I am over the moon happy about my new collection from PureCare. The PureCare FRIO Collection is mind-boggling amazing. I would JUMP THROUGH THE COMPUTER AND SHAKE YOU- it is literally the best thing since sliced bread. The rapid chill cooling fibers on their FRIO Mattress Pad and FRIO Pillow Protectors can best be described as when you turn your pillow over to the “cool side” except for you don’t have to turn your pillow over and it NEVER heats up.

I have talked nonstop about this technology the past few weeks and my mother finally stole one of my SUB- O pillows to test out the greatness herself. SOLD.

The science teacher in her wants to know the secret formula…

Pillows Matter:

Both SUB-O pillows are incredibly comfortable and cool to the touch, all night long. Add in the PureCare Frio Pillow Protector and you have a match made in blissdom. The SUB-O Down Hybrid Pillow is softer to the touch and lets you sink in a bit more. The SUB-O SoftCell Chill Reversible Hybrid Pillow is much firmer (a must for this old lady) and has helped cut my time needed to fall asleep drastically at night.

I will never give up this pillow. I am beyond grateful that the FRIO Pillow Protector has a five-year warranty and is completely waterproof. Who says you can’t have nice things with kids?!?

Oh, yea- it helps when they are waterproof.

Night Time Routine:

As with raising both of my children, a routine can definitely improve your body’s transition into sleepdom. After the kids go to bed I spot clean the house, finish work, workout, and take a shower. Although I am a social media marketer, I do my best to not do any screen time right before I go to sleep. Instead I tend to read. I am wrapping up a novel from one of my favorite author’s right now. Plus, reading gives me a little “me-time” which is important as a parent.

Let The Darkness Prevail:

Most people know that sleeping in the dark is integral into getting a good quality night of REM sleep. Sure, I have reflective screens on the windows, curtains, and then wood shutters… but where there’s a will-there’s a way- at least that’s how I think LIGHT thinks.

Through the narrow window above the shower or the daylight that sneaks through at an awful hour of 5AM I need to make sure the sleep I do get, has the potential to be restful.

Sure I am still visited by toddlers and preschoolers throughout the night and there are nightmares to be tended to, BUT daylight? Not my problem.

Love that the PureCare Dream Composer is both a sculpted sleep shade (no pulling on those precious eyelashes) and a scented cool-remedy gel mask. The essential oils are divine and definitely help relax me on those days where everything go a little harried. Plus, the masks last for six months each which means you can treat yourself more often- like you should.

If you don’t take care of yourself- who will?

Fan Game on Point: 

Sleeping soundly in weather that isn’t bearable for months at a time due to heat is difficult. Fans help keep a healthy ambient noise level along with a low, consistent breeze for those hot nights where the AC just doesn’t seem to be able to keep up. I currently have an old metal fan on my desk that points toward the bed and a ceiling fan that is right above where I sleep. With their combined power, the sleep mask, and my fabulous collection from PureCare my bedroom is now a cool oasis, perfectly primed for sleeping. EXACTLY what this tired mom needs.

Be sure to visit AsCuteAsABugsEar and #EnterToWin one of FIVE PureCare FRIO® sleep packages!

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