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Tax Refund Wish List: Invest in Rest

Tax Refund Wish List: Invest in Rest

Ugh…is it really tax season again? While the stress of Uncle Sam’s annual deadline is looming, there is one thing we can all unanimously cheer for: the joys of the tax return! So, what’s your plan? Maybe a family vacation? Or splurging on the latest techie toy? We love a good wish list, and we have a suggestion that you may not have thought of. How about investing in your sleep health and well-being this tax season?

Use your extra funds to kick-start a spring fitness plan:

The most essential part of a good workout routine is a good night’s sleep. Not only is getting the proper amount of recommended sleep and sticking to a schedule important to any health plan, but creating the perfect sleep sanctuary can be a vital first step towards finessing your fitness. Dedicating a portion of your refund to your sleep health is a plan that is sure to yield amazing returns.

Create a healthy sleep environment:

Protecting your sleep environment from allergens, dust mites, and moisture is a surefire way to subdue a stuffy nose and dark eye circles. PureCare’s complete collection of mattress and pillow protectors helps you take back your bedroom from the allergens that accumulate in your sleep environment. Another good idea for investing in rest is to replace those old (dust mite infested) pillows. Here are a few awesome pillow options that feature MiteTight seams. Cover these in a pillow protector and kiss those morning sniffles goodbye.  

Utilize technical textiles to enhance your fitness game plan:

The final step in creating a sleep environment that enhances your fitness plan is to take advantage of the amazing technical textile sleep products available today. Our PureCare Elements Premium Celliant Sheet Sets feature Celliant performance fibers, which absorb and store energy emitted by the human body and then release that energy back into the skin and deep muscle tissue. The power of Celliant technology will make those workouts worth it and help to reduce pain, heal faster, and sleep better®

A sleep shopping spree is sure to add a bounce to your step and some Zz’s to your sleep. Invest in the most valuable commodity you can—your sleep health and wellness.

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