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Summer Sleep Travel Guide

Summer Sleep Travel Guide

The sun and fun of long summer days bring family vacations, summer camp, and extended weekend getaways. You’ve planned to a T and packed everything but the kitchen sink, but have you thought about how your sleep schedule will factor in? Our tips will keep your Zz’s on track through any excursion you have planned.


Ahh...being close to nature has its benefits but can also have its fair share of drawbacks when it comes to sleep. Appreciate the starry skies and fresh air all night long with these tips for camping sleep success:

  1. Sleeping Bag & Sleep Pads
    Sleeping soundly starts with having the right gear and comfort. Be sure your sleeping bag is appropriate for the climate you’re venturing to. Sweating your way to sleep isn’t an option.
  2. Pillows Are Key
    A comfy pillow will make all the difference after a long day of hiking, but technical textile-infused pillows can provide wellness benefits beyond comfort alone. The Celliant fibers infused into the covers of our Body Chemistry pillows help to promote restful sleep and faster recovery from physical activity.
  3. Noise Control
    Chirp, chirp! The sounds of nature are wonderful—unless you are trying to sleep. Ear plugs provide a cheap and easy solution. Glamping alternative? Get a white noise machine that is battery operated—it will drown out the sounds you may not be accustomed to, providing a much better sleep environment for you to lay your head. 


On the plus side, someone else made your hotel bed this morning. On the dark side, someone else slept in your hotel bed last night. Just a little pre-planning can take the ick out of this sleep situation.

  1. If you’ve got room…
    Hotel pillows have never been known for their comfort, so if you’ve got some room, pack your new PureCare SUB-0º SoftCell® Chill Hybrid Pillow. Our patented SoftCell design features individual pockets filled with our exclusive designer down alternative for consistent support and cloud-like comfort wrapped in a cooling fiber cover.
  2. If space is tight…
    Beyond the flat discomfort of standard hotel pillows, you seriously don’t even want to think about how many heads have been on that bed. The truth is there are a lot of microscopic squatters in hotel linens and pillows. If space is tight (too many shoes?), don’t leave home without a PureCare pillow protector to keep the ick of hotel pillows (allergens, dust mites, bed bugs, and moisture) from affecting your sleep.

What are your biggest summer sleep struggles? Comment below or comment on our Facebook page—we love hearing from you!

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