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Summer Sleep + Celliant®

Summer Sleep + Celliant®

With the official start to summer just around the corner, many of us are already feeling the summer calendar crunch. You know what I’m talking about. Between vacations, outdoor activities, the kids, the yard, and an abundance of sunshine, our days are growing increasingly active while the nights are growing increasingly shorter.  

So, how do we maximize the all-important mind and muscle restoration that only a superior night’s sleep can provide? It’s simple. Improve your sleep health and wellness by introducing technical textiles into your sleep environment.

PureCare’s clinically proven collection of Celliant® mattress and pillow protectors fuse a proprietary mix of ground minerals with liquid polyester, creating a fiber that absorbs the energy emitted from the body and later recycles it back to the skin and deep muscle tissue. This scientifically tested process increases oxygen levels and circulation in the body while helping to balance your body temperature, allowing you to reduce pain, heal faster, and sleep better.®

Of course, capitalizing on the allergen relief, dust mite protection, and antibacterial silver features found in every PureCare mattress and pillow protector is important to a healthy night’s sleep. But now you can harness the renewing energy of Celliant through the innovation of Celliant Sheets by PureCare Elements. Celliant sheet sets feature a sateen weave combining luxury long staple cotton with Celliant fibers, providing unrivaled benefits as well as enveloping comfort.

So, carry on this summer with your action-packed calendar of weekend getaways and long, sun-soaked afternoons. And when the sun finally sets in the evening, snuggle into bed knowing that your sleep environment is the healthiest and most beneficial part of summer.

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