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Sleep Success for Little Sleepers

Sleep Success for Little Sleepers

If there is one thing that remains consistent about kiddos it’s change. There are so many stages to their growth throughout their early years, and their sleep schedule is no exception. We know that young ones require their vitamin Z’s to wake refreshed, but getting your munchkin to adopt a healthy rest routine can be a bedtime battle. Rest assured, getting great sleep for the whole family isn’t just a fairytale. Take a look at our simple slumber solutions to get you and your tot back on track with tucking in. 

Tip #1: Be Keen to the Routine

The first key to success is vigilance. It is so important to create a pattern for powering down every night. Little bodies (and brains) need nightly nod-off rituals that remind them that it is almost time to drift off. Get the whole family on board with powering down electronics and slowing down for slumber at the same time each and every night. Your kiddos will not just go to sleep more easily if they hit the hay at the same time each night but will also most likely wake at the same time each morning. 

Tip #2: Keep It Consistent

Weekends can provide the perfect excuse for sleeping in, but the effects can prove detrimental to your child’s sleep patterns. The truth of the matter is that their bodies don’t understand the concept of “sometimes.” Be it weekday or weekend, their sleep routine and bedtime should be the same. Being firm on this point helps avoid Monday morning meltdowns (for all involved) and weekend woes. 

Tip #3: Sweets and Sleep Don’t Mix

Your kids are probably the first to remind you that there is nothing like dessert to finish off a great meal. Tempting…yes. Good idea? Depends on what you’re serving. Sugars are sure to spike their energy levels within two hours of consumption, so beware that after dinner sweets could mean a wide awake and wired tot come bedtime.

Tip #4: Keep Your Promises

You promised a bedtime story, but somehow, you’ve been talked into a third, fourth, and fifth book. Just one more couldn’t hurt, right? Actually, best practice is to stick to the original promise. One song means one song, one story means one story, and turning off the lights means shutting little lids! By persevering and setting limits time and again, you will find yourself fighting the “just one more” battle less and less. 

Tip #5: Rid the Room of Things That Go Bump in the Night

Though they may be little, munchkins have big imaginations that can keep them from nodding off. Avoid scary movies or stories before bed and install night lights in their room to help relax their fears. A quiet noise machine can also help keep them calm by drowning out any potentially “scary” sounds.

Tip #6: Create a Sanctuary for Sleep

Your little munchkin’s minds are working overtime day and night to absorb the world around them. Just like you, your little sleepers need a cozy and comforting space to unwind. Sleep comfort is essential at every age, so make sure that your kiddos have the proper sleep support of a great pillow. PureCare Kids Youth pillows provide the comfort and wellness benefits that your child needs (and are completely washable to boot). Calming elements like Himalayan Salt Lamps and Aromatherapy Diffusers can be a big help for stress-release come sleep time.

Have no fear—a decent night’s sleep (for the entire family) is in your future.

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