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Premium Cooling Sheets: Find Relief from Sleep Heat™

Premium Cooling Sheets: Find Relief from Sleep Heat™

For those of us who sleep hot, not even the onset of cooler weather can save us from night sweats. Blame it on whatever you’d like—metabolism, energy level, location, your age, your partner—it doesn’t matter. Sleeping hot equates to tossing and turning throughout the night.

If you’ve done your research, you know that there are a number of cooling gel pillows and cooling protectors available in today’s market. But what about your sheets? Wouldn’t it make sense if the one layer that directly surrounds you while you sleep also kept you cool? We thought so, too.

Glacies premium sheets  by PureCare Elements blend PureCare’s exclusive mineral based FRíO rapid chill cooling fibers with ultra-plush Tencel® threads, creating a luxury responsive textile that is more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk, and cools five times faster than traditional polyester. FRíO rapid chill cooling fibers are a unique technical textile that fuses crushed Micarex minerals with liquid polyester. Sounds fancy, but it translates to one simple truth—this technology is at the core of every fiber and never washes out. These Micarex minerals actually create thousands of heat-dispersing channels throughout every fiber, helping to move heat away from your body faster than normal threads.

But the cooling aspects of Glacies are just the start. Glacies premium sheets offer amazing fit, feel, and finish. They feature a pocketed precision-fit corner and elastic cuff producing a crisp and steady fit on the sleep surface. The feeling is unlike any other with Micarex cooling fibers blended with Tencel® technical textiles and crafted into a luxurious sateen weave producing lush fabrics and lavish comfort. On top of that, an antibacterial silver ion treatment is added to the sheets, helping to locate and deactivate bacteria on contact. 

What have your sheets done for you lately?

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