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Not Your Mama's Sheet Set

Not Your Mama's Sheet Set

The cotton sheets you are used to are the strong and soft linens that dreams are made of. They snuggle you every night, keeping you warm and comfortable as you sleep. But what if your sheets could offer you more than just comfort? What if you could change your world just by changing your sheets?

Our earth organically provides us with elements that offer the raw ingredients to harness wellness and healing. PureCare has tapped into this potential to introduce the first sheet collection focused on technical textiles that enhance the sleep environment and provide unique health and wellness benefits to the sleeper. Don’t believe me? Read on…

Did you know that seaweed is the most nutrient packed organism on earth? The antioxidizing seaweed properties found in the threads of our SeaCell® Halio sheets provide the same benefits as a natural seaweed wrap from the spa. Halio sheets nourish the body while reducing inflammation, introducing nutrients that revitalize and protect skin. They also utilize antibacterial silver ions to locate and deactivate bacteria on contact. Can you say ahh-mazing?!

You may already be familiar with our next technical textile—Celliant. Big athletic apparel brands like Nike and Saucony are already utilizing the healing properties of this mineral-packed thread throughout their apparel lines. The Celliant performance fibers found in our Celliant premium sheet sets store energy emitted by the human body and then release that energy back into the skin and deep muscle tissue. The clinically proven power within Celliant sheets to increase circulation and balance body temperature will allow you to reduce pain, heal faster, and sleep better. True story! You will also enjoy the benefit of our antibacterial silver treatment on all Celliant sheet sets.

Finally, who doesn't love the rich, soft feel of Bamboo? Our premium Bamboo sheet sets feature a combination of naturally antimicrobial bamboo rayon and luxury long staple cotton fiber to provide rich comfort and a soft feel. In addition, an antibacterial silver ion treatment is added to the sheets to locate and deactivate bacteria on contact.

Along with the health and wellness benefits found throughout the Elements sheet collection, we’ve added a few extra details that make all the difference. Every fitted sheet features our exclusive pocked precision-fit corner and elastic cuff to ensure that your fitted sheet won’t shift throughout the night. In addition, each Elements flat sheet includes an extra 4″ of material to ensure a great fit on thick mattresses. Lastly, every Elements pillowcase features a pillow pocket, allowing you to tuck your pillow into the pillowcase for an amazing stay-put fit.

So, what are you waiting for? Enhance your sleep environment with PureCare’s complete collection of Elements sheets. Read more online about each of our premium technical textile sheet sets here.

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