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How Clean is Your Pillow?

How Clean is Your Pillow?

We like to assume that pillows are pretty straightforward, don't we?

And that's pretty much it, right? When it comes to pillow cleanliness and getting a good night's sleep, we like to think that a simple pillowcase that we toss in the wash here and there is all it takes to keep us safe from things like mold, moisture, dust mites, and the like.

Unfortunately, though, this is where so many of us get it all wrong. (And trust us when we say that we've been there before too! In fact, PureCare started off as a company looking to provide clean sleep solutions to keep our families and loved ones as safe from allergens and irritants as possible.) 

The truth about pillow cleanliness (and sleep hygiene in general) is this: the vast majority of us are missing one of the most vital key components to quality, clean sleep—

Why Pillowcases Will Not Keep Pillows Clean

Not sure if a pillow protector is really what you need? It's fair question. So, to help shed some light on this important sleep wellness debacle, let’s discuss the facts.

We all sweat every night as we sleep. In fact, between perspiration and drool, the average adult loses up to one liter of liquids per night. (Which is pretty incredible, don't you think?)

Now, here's something else to think about: Perspiration and saliva both hold bacteria, which can breed irritants like mold and fungus in your pillow over timeneither of which promote the clean, quality sleep we all need to truly awaken feeling refreshed and ready to tackle whatever life brings.

The sad truth of the matter is that the fun, stylish pillowcases and shams that we love so much alone, regardless of how often we launder them, cannot prevent this issue. Still, liquids like sweat and saliva aren’t the only part of the dirty pillow problem.

Our bodies constantly shed skin cells that collect in our clothing and bedding, creating a breeding ground for dust mites and other allergens.

Without the defensive shield of a pillow protector, skin cells settle deep within our pillows, attracting unwanted pests and invisible allergens—which, again, a clean pillowcase alone is powerless to prevent.

Benefits of Pillow Protectors

So, what can we do about this clean, quality sleep issue?

Try as we might to find other solutions, in all honesty, the only way to keep your perfect pillow clean is to layer it with a breathable, 100% machine washable pillow protector that can keep your sleep surface as clean as possible. (Think of it as a sleep essential, just like the mattress protector you've got on your sleep foundation now!)

Investing in a quality pillow protector is not only an easy solution for improved sleep quality and wellness, but today’s sleep essentials can provide other benefits like aromatherapy, a cooler night’s sleep, and faster recovery from physical activity as well.

And dare we mention that a really great pillow protector will not compromise the comfort of your favorite pillow? It's true! Not only that but it also won't prevent you from layering your favorite pillowcase or sham over it either. (Clean sleep for the win!)

Pillow Protectors for Cleaner Sleep

Admittedly, finding a pillow protector that you can depend on can be challenging in today's saturated bedding market. But here's some good news: If you need some help in your search for a clean, 100% machine washable pillow protector so you can start getting the deep, clean sleep you deserve . . . We've got you covered!

Check us out at to find reliably clean, quality pillow protection for your family and your unique lifestyle.

And remember—Sleep tight, and don’t let the bed bugs bite!

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