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Hotels: Sleeping Cleaner While on the Road

Hotels: Sleeping Cleaner While on the Road

On the plus side, staying at a hotel means that someone else is in charge of making your bed. On a slightly different note, all you can do is hope they at least washed the sheets before you arrived. We hate to bring the ick factor—but the truth is that your heavenly hotel haven can harbor bedtime bandits, like allergens and dust mite colonies, that live off of the skin cells of past guests. Worse yet? Hotels can be a breeding ground for something even more disturbing…bed bugs. Our hotel hygiene tips might just save you from sleep travel disasters.

1. Before You Leave

Pack a pillow protector—hotel rooms aren’t always as clean as we would like. You may very well be the seventh person sleeping on that bed this week. And that pillow? Who knows who (or what) has been sleeping on it! Packing a pillow protector is easy, takes up virtually no space in your suitcase, and makes a big impact on your sleep health while you’re on the road. Our PureCare pillow protectors not only provide you with a cleaner sleep surface that can help eradicate irritants in your new sleep environment, they also keep everything that is in that strange pillow IN that strange pillow! Allergens, dust mites, mold, mildew…yes, even bed bugs, are trapped, allowing you to sleep healthier.

Pack a pillowcase. Gift yourself the peace of mind of knowing that you will be hitting the hay in a healthier, cleaner sleep surface. PureCare offers a wide variety of technical textile-infused premium pillowcase sets that go beyond comfort to deliver additional wellness benefits while you sleep.

2. Once You Arrive

First things first, don’t give critters a chance to leap on board your luggage. Hold off on unpacking and take a peek around your new sleep space. Be sure to put your bags on the clothing rack to keep them off of the floor until you have inspected the room.

3. Inspect the Bed

We know that all you want to do is kick back and relax, but for sheets sake—check the bed linens! Pull back all of the blankets and linens on the bed and have a nice long look. See any signs of bugs or stains? If the sheets are in ship-shape, take a closer look at the seams of the mattress—bed bugs typically hide within the folds of the mattress. Be thorough and check all corners and sides of the bed.

4. Check for Other Signs

Oh, thank goodness—the bedding and mattress are bed bug free! Do yourself a favor and do a quick check of any upholstered furniture and curtains in your temporary abode. You may be very glad you did...

5. Wipe It Down

Do you love a good summer cold? We didn’t think so. When you stop and think about how many people have been handling the light switches, remotes, phone, etc. in your hotel room, it isn’t far-fetched to imagine that there may be some germs lingering from the previous inhabitants. Good thing you came prepared with some antibacterial hand sanitizer so you can wipe down these surfaces to ensure you are starting with a clean slate.

Traveling healthier may take a few extra steps, but boy are they worth it! Thanks for considering our wellness tips for the road and sleep tight travelers!

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