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Holiday Sleep Wish List

Between all of the shopping, decorating, preparations, and merriment of the holidays, our healthy sleep is often sacrificed. While ’tis the season for giving, don’t forget to give yourself a little something—the gift of better sleep. If relaxation and sleep wellness are on your wish list this season, our sleep essentials will help you turn your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary.

Beyond the merriment of the season, I think we can all agree the hoopla of the holidays can be stressful. Find the tranquil slumber you seek with our PureCare Aromatherapy mattress and pillow protectors. Complete with optional all-natural lavender bud scented sachets, our Aromatherapy protectors infuse your sleep environment with calming scents to help you breathe, relax, and sleep. Our mattress and pillow protectors provide a physical barrier against the Grinches of sleep like allergens, bed bugs, dust mites, stains, moisture, mold, and mildew.

Though the beauty of twinkling holiday lights is a sight to appreciate, they can be distracting when trying to fall sleep. The festivities don’t have to come between you and your restful routine. Keep your circadian cycle on track with our PureCare DreamComposer Sleep Shade + Scented Cool Remedy Gel Mask specifically designed with a light-eclipsing construction to block out visual distractions and light. For an added bonus, the optional Scented Cool-Remedy Gel mask contours to the unique curvature of your cheekbones and brow, helping to alleviate muscle tension around the eyes.

Whether you are hosting or traveling for the holidays, nothing feels better than fa-la-la-ing your way to sleep. Rejuvenate your body with our technical textile infused PureCare Elements Halio sheets. The natural antioxidants found in our SeaCell™ fibers nourish the body while reducing inflammation and provide nutrients to revitalize and protect the skin. 

Santa’s not the only one checking his list twice—don’t forget pillows! For those who sleep hot year round, our PureCare SUB-0º Hybrid pillows will help you find relief from sleep heat. Cool to the touch, our SUB-0° pillows feature our exclusive FRíO® rapid chill cooling fibers, a mineral-based technical textile that provides a refreshingly cooler sleep surface throughout the night.

This holiday season eat, drink, and be merry…and gift yourself (or your friends and family) the gift that keeps on giving—healthy sleep! Order today to ring in the new year as a well-rested you! Happy Holidays to all, and best sleep wishes this season from PureCare!

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