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Healthy Sleep for Kids

Healthy Sleep for Kids

Hey, moms and dads. We know the health and wellness of your kiddos is on your minds every day, but what about at night?

With the hustle and bustle of daily life, sometimes naps get missed, bedtimes are pushed back, mornings start earlier, and nights may be anything but peaceful. Getting your little munchkin to bed early has more benefits than you may think, and making sure your little ones get their vitamin Zz’s is essential to their overall health and development.

Kids Sleep Wellness 101

Healthy snooze habits develop early. Have you heard of the circadian rhythm? It is the sleep-wake cycle that all of our bodies follow. Children’s sleep rhythms start developing at infancy, providing an important foundation for sleep habits to come. Bad bedtime habits could seriously impact the healthy development and future quality sleep of your youngsters as they grow into adulthood.

Did you know that youngsters learn while they sleep? Studies suggest that skipping out on naptime for our littlest sleepers could affect their daily retention. Sleep also promotes your little one’s growth, providing the essential benefits munchkins need to grow big and strong.

And what about those sniffles kiddos bring home from school? Most of the time the common cold is cured with vitamin Zz’s! Sleep promotes proteins that fight illness and infection and work to keep those nasty germs at bay.

Back-to-school season puts added demands on our kiddos. All the school supplies in their backpacks won’t help them as much as a set rest routine for quality sleep. While your little sleepers slumber, their bodies and brains are working overtime to increase healing and process all the lessons of their day. Just a few bad nights can make for moody kids who can’t concentrate or learn properly.

PureCare Kids Collection

Give your youngster the proper sleep support they need with our PureCare Kids Single Support Pillow. Each piece of our 2-in-1 youth pillow is packed with contoured comfort designed to move with little sleepers.

For your sprouting sapling, our Memory Foam Rise & Shine Pillow is built to support their changing sleep needs with an adjustable construction designed to grow and change just as quickly as your kiddo. (Bonus: They’re completely washable!)

Let’s get on board with bedtime and make sleep a healthy habit. For more information and tips on getting your youngster the quality of sleep he needs for a lifetime of sweet Zz’s, take a look at our partners at the National Sleep Foundation.


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