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Get Your Bedroom Summer Ready

Get Your Bedroom Summer Ready

Summer is here! The days are long, and the nights are hot—a little too hot, actually. If you’re struggling to find relief from sleep heat, you aren’t alone. Stop tossing and turning and follow a few simple tips to get your sleep sanctuary Summer ready. 

1. Sleep Temp Sweet Spot:
Sleep research has proven that the ideal temperature range for sleep is 60–67 degrees. Sleep science also tells us that the quality of your REM sleep (the deep, restful stage of sleep) is more likely to suffer if your sleep environment is too warm. Bottom line? Do your sleep a solid and splurge on the AC at night.

2. Swap Your Sheets:
You swapped out your winter wardrobe for the summer season, but did you do the same with your bedding? If your flannel sheets are still in the laundry rotation, it’s time to swap them out for a lightweight set made from natural fibers versus synthetic threads that don’t allow for proper ventilation.

Our ultra-soft, breathable, and lightweight Modal® sheets feature a unique blend of long staple cotton and Modal fibers for a smooth, supple touch. Twice as soft as cotton, Modal fibers are ecologically blended from the pulp of European beechwood trees, utilizing natural elements to provide a light, silky hand.

3. Create a Cleaner, Cooler Reprieve:
If you aren’t already using protectors on your mattress and pillows, summer sleep means that sweat is accumulating in your sleep environment. In fact, sleep science estimates that the average adult can shed up to a liter of fluid each and every night!

Create a cleaner, cooler sleep environment with our FRíO® rapid chill cooling fiber protectors. Beyond the benefits of cleaner sleep, our FRíO protectors help move sleep heat away from your body by dispersing body heat at a rate five times faster than regular polyester. Bonus—the benefits of this cooling technical textile are embedded into the protector fibers, so the cooling effects will never wash out.

Know someone who struggles with sleep heat? Share our summer sleep tips with your friends and family! And don’t forget to post your summer sleep tips below.

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