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Common Bedroom Creepy Crawlies

Common Bedroom Creepy Crawlies

It’s that time of year again when ghosts and goblins come out to play, jack-lanterns are blazing, and candy abounds—Halloween has arrived. While what goes bump in the night might give you a fright, it’s what’s silently lurking in your bed that is really spooky! Take a look below for all the tips you need to protect you and your sleep sanctuary from the real creepy crawlies this season.

The scary truth is that your bed might be host to unwanted guests that are affecting your quality of sleep. If you’re sniffling throughout the night and waking up to red, itchy eyes, then listen up—your bed and pillows are most likely infested with dust mites. One of the leading causes of nighttime allergies, dust mites are teeny tiny microscopic relatives of the spider that live in bedding and feed on the skin cells our bodies naturally shed as we sleep. Ahh!

Fear not these allergen-causing micro-zombies! PureCare’s complete collection of clinically proven mattress and pillow protectors provides a physical barrier between dust mites and your bedding. Our MiteTight™ seams and lightweight OmniGuard Advance fabric prevent dust mites from making a permanent home in your sleep environment and provide a barrier of protection so you can get back to your spook-less sweet sleep!

Dracula has nothing on the lurking little bloodsuckers we call bed bugs. If you’re waking up to unexplainable swelling and red, itchy spots on your skin (most commonly on exposed areas like neck, arms, or legs), bed bugs could be the fanged culprits! All too easy to come across and insanely hard to get rid of, bed bugs burrow in your mattress and pillows during the day and resurface at night to feed (for up to 10 minutes at a time!!) on human blood. WHAT?

No need for stakes or garlic to stop these little monsters! Our clinically proven PureCare Total Encasement mattress protectors offer the best level of protection against bed bugs by surrounding all six sides of your mattress in a protective barrier. Our encasements include anti-bed bug features, like MiteTight seams and locking zippers, ensuring that nothing gets in (or out) of your mattress and pillows.

So, light the jack-o-lantern, dig into some treats, and leave the season’s scary surprises to movies and costumes. Check out PureCare’s entire collection of mattress and pillow protection and forget about what’s lurking between your sheets! It’s what’s under the bed that you might want to check on…

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