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Clean Sleeping: Your Achievable Guide

Clean Sleeping: Your Achievable Guide

Clean eating may have triumphed as the grail of goals last year (and rightfully so!), but 2017 is all about clean sleep. This year’s “no-excuses” approach to achieving the quality Zz’s you need has everyone reevaluating their sleep routine. Take a look at how achievable cleaner, healthier sleep can be in 2017.

TIP 1: Make a Habit of Hygiene
Just between us—when was the last time you washed your bedding? Okay, how about your pillows? If that last question made you take a pause, it’s probably been too long. The bottom line is, no matter the answer, your cozy comforters and sweet sheets could probably use a refresher. Think about it this way—you wouldn’t wear your favorite shirt day-in and day-out without a dip in the deep rinse, would you?

There are some icky truths behind what is accumulating in your bedding and pillows. Our skin cells are always rejuvenating themselves—constantly pushing your old dead derma to the surface, which then sheds off. So, every time you bundle into bed, you’re also adding to the build-up of dead skin and oils on the surface of your sleep environment. Did we mention that your body can also sweat off up to a liter of fluid a night? And what of the droolers amongst us?

Growing a bit keener on revamping that laundry day routine? Here’s a quick overview of the cleaner sleep wash schedule:

Twice a week:
       Pillowcases: Stock a few extra on the shelves

       Sheets: A fresh second set helps cut down on laundry

Every other week:

       Pillows: Time for an upgrade?

Clean sleep master tip:
While you can’t exactly throw your mattress in the wash, you can instantly up your clean sleep status by using a mattress (and pillow!) protector. PureCare mattress and pillow protectors provide a physical barrier against moisture, bed bugs, allergens, dust mites, mold, and mildew. Think of it this way: By adding a total encasement or 5-Sided mattress protector to your mattress and pillows, you are sealing any “ick” in and starting over with a fresh sleep surface.

TIP 2: Spruce Up Your Sanctuary
Sleeping clean isn’t just about hygiene; it’s also about having a zen zone dedicated to your body and mind. This is your sleep sweet spot! Here are some helpful gadgets and goodies to consider when revamping the ambiance of your sleep sanctuary:

Dimmers: Dim the lights to set the mood for sleep

Candles: “Light” some candles that you can fall asleep to—literally.

Ambient noise: These soothing sounds are guaranteed to help you catch your calm.

TIP 3: Rethink Your Routine 
What’s your sleep sweet spot? Around seven to eight hours nightly seems to be the golden rule of recommended rest by experts, and for most of us, that rings true. But getting the Zz’s your body needs to be at its best isn’t one-size-fits-all. A wide range of factors such as age, sleep quality, daily demands, and fatigue can alter your magic sleep “number.” Remember, it’s not the quantity of hours but the quality that truly matters.

Our bodies’ internal clocks wake and rest based off of light, so catching the highest quality sleep you need to heal, restore, and detoxify starts as daylight starts slipping through the curtain cracks. Late nights could lead to missing your peak REM window—the most restorative part of your routine. When it comes down to pressing play on one more episode or getting the sleep you need for your daily demands, which will you decide?

TIP 4: Rise, Refuel, Repeat
The relationship between quality food and better sleep is a tight bond. How you fuel your body relates directly to its performance, both day and night. 

Grab a bite within 30 minutes of stepping out from between the sheets to ensure that your body won’t be running on the fumes, causing mid-morning fatigue and restless REMs at night.

Curb your caffeine intake in the name of better sleep. Some healthy pick-you-up alternatives to try are green tea, pomegranate juice, or even lemon water.

Avoid late night snack-attacks. If you must, our partners at The National Sleep Foundation have some suggestions to calm your cravings.

Nix the nightcaps. That glass of wine may unwind you after a long day, but the late-night sugar intake can throw a wrench in your relationship with rest.

Are you ready to take your sleep more seriously? That yawn meant yes…

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