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Celliant Performance Fibers

Celliant Performance Fibers

What if your bedding could help you reduce pain, recover from physical activity faster, and sleep better? Sound too good to be true? Think again. The recovery benefits of Celliant fibers have been tested and clinically proven, so whether you are an exercise enthusiast, motivational mama, or simply just seeking restorative relief, the science behind Celliant performance fibers could be the perfect solution for you.

So, what is Celliant, exactly? It is a technical textile that contains a proprietary mix of finely crushed minerals (100 times thinner than a human hair). When combined with liquid polyester, the ground minerals fuse into the core of each fiber to create countless mineral “tunnels” in each thread. The best part? Celliant technology lasts the lifetime of the material—it will never wash out or break down.

And how does Celliant work? Get ready for the coolest part yet: Celliant technology is powered by you! Celliant technical textiles absorb and recycle energy emissions from your body, allowing your body to reabsorb infrared light energy back into skin and muscles. Unlike UV light, microwaves, radio waves, or other parts of the light spectrum, infrared light is widely recognized for having multiple positive effects on the body.

Still not convinced that Celliant is the powerhouse your performance needs? Let’s talk benefits. Celliant fibers are clinically proven to increase circulation, upping oxygen levels in the body and helping to balance your body’s temperature. It has also been proven to enhance cell functions, which helps injuries heal quicker and pain to subside faster. Bonus—Celliant technology in bedding has been clinically proven to enhance the quality of your rest. Studies show that users fall asleep 15 minutes faster on Celliant materials.

So where can you find Celliant products? For starters, right here. Our premium Elements Celliant sheets and protectors are the perfect sleep essentials to help you harness the technology of Celliant technical textiles. If you’re ready to reenergize your endurance and maximize your workouts, check out performance apparel brands like New BalancePuma, and even fashion forward Titika who are now incorporating the innovation of Celliant technology into their athletic-wear. Relieve general aches and pains post-workout with Celliant wraps and socks.

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