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Best Wedding Gifts

Wedding season is officially upon us—are you ready?

  • Dress—check.
  • Date—check.
  • Gift—???

If you’re having a hard time finding the right present for the perfect pair, we’ve got a few solutions that will help the newlyweds build a happy home, complete with their own sleep sanctuary.

1. Sheets

Even though we spend one-third of our lives in bed, few couples think about sleep when filling out their gift registry. Introduce the newlyweds to the gift of luxury sleep with our premium Soft Touch TENCEL Modal sheet sets.

Renowned for their gentle, silky-soft feel that inspires deep, restorative sleep, every set of our Soft Touch sheets features a sateen weave blend of long staple cotton and the popular plush, coziness of TENCEL™ Modal fibers

Our Soft Touch TENCEL™ Modal sheets are designed with precision-fit features to provide the ideal fit for adjustable or standard base mattresses. Not only that, but the flat sheet in each set has an additional 4″ of fabric for plenty of coverage and snuggle-worthy comfort.

Bye-bye, college sheets—Hello, luxury!

2. Pillows

Ever notice how the right pillow makes all the difference in how well you sleep? When searching for a great wedding gift, consider adding a set of premium pillows to your list.

Show your love for the bride-to-be with one of our Recovery pillows, designed with clinically proven Celliant® responsive fibers. And for the groom? The coolest gift ever. Our tried and tested, clinically proven cooling pillows feature our exclusive FRíO rapid chill fibers that provide a refreshingly cooler sleep surface throughout the night.

Show the newlyweds what comfort and support really means!

3. Mattress Protectors

A clean, refreshing, and ultra-comfy sleep sanctuary is the gift that keeps on giving. Our cooling mattress and pillow protectors are a gift that the lucky couple will come to love when our FRíO rapid chill cooling fibers help them find relief from sleep heat and create a cooler sleep environment for the restorative rest they'll need as they begin their new chapter together. Cuddling has never been so cool.

More Wedding Gift Ideas to Explore

This wedding season, don’t limit yourself to toasters, bath linens, and tea sets. Say “I do” to the gift of luxurious, ultra-comfy bedding essentials that will help the newlyweds get the deep, relaxing sleep they deserve.

Did we mention that you can bundle any of our premium bedding essentials and save up to 40% when you do? It's true!

For more wedding gift ideas for the newlyweds in your life, head to our site to shop, bundle, and save on your entire purchase. 


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