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4 Tips to be Guest Room Ready

4 Tips to be Guest Room Ready

And just like that…the holidays are upon us! I think we can all agree that nothing compares to the infectious, cheerful spirit this season brings as we open our hearts—and homes—to visiting family and friends. But if the thought of hosting overnight guests has you stressed, check out our four simple tips that will help you create the perfect cozy nest for your visitors.

1. Provide a Warm Welcome.

It’s the thoughtful touches that will have your guest swooning over your holiday hosting skills. The transition into a new sleep environment can bring bedtime disruption, so show your visitors that their comfort is on your mind with fresh flowers and a “stay-ssentials” gift basket on their bedside table. Some things to consider: water bottles, magazines, tissues, light snacks, and a sleep mask. We recommend our PureCare DreamComposer Sleep Shade + Scented Cool Remedy Gel Mask, which is specifically designed with light-eclipsing construction to block out visual distractions and light. Sure, to make your guest feel the love, the Dream Composer features an optional Scented Cool Remedy Gel Mask infused with aromatic essential oils, helping to alleviate muscle tension around the eyes.

2. Invite Guests to Unpack and Unwind.

Whether coming from across town or across country, all houseguests bring baggage. Defy the woes of weary travelers and provide a space-saving luggage rack in their room. While they might be living out of a bag, a luggage rack will give guests a place for their belongings and alleviate the headache of scrambling for items. If you have to keep that closet closed, be sure to provide a solution for hanging clothes. A simple over-the-door rack or clothing rack will be greatly appreciated.

3. Change the Sheets!

Let’s be honest, a guest room isn’t often used and can become a stale sleep environment. Breathe new life into your guest room by changing out old sheets for new. We recommend the luxury feel of our PureCare Luxury Microfiber Sheets for the coziest post-turkey gobbling retreat. As an added bonus, add our Aromatherapy pillow protectors over your guest room pillows to protect your bedding and infuse soft scents of lavender, mandarin, jasmine, eucalyptus, or sandalwood into the room.

4. How About Some Sleep Support?

The best way to make for happy holiday houseguests? Provide proper sleep support! We recommend our PureCare BestRest Prima Pillows for the perfect comfort (and price) solution. The super-soft fleece cover and memory foam puffs provide the perfect holiday pressure relief for any type of rester.

Congratulations on being the hostess that sweet dreams are made of. The only problem now? Getting them to leave!

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