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3 Tools to Supercharge Your Power Nap

3 Tools to Supercharge Your Power Nap

Hey, go-getter! Would you believe it if we told you you could accomplish more by adding some Zz’s to your mid-day routine? Sleep scientists agree that fighting daily fatigue with a few lunchtime Zz’s can help you recharge the right way, so PureCare is bringing back the power nap! Restore your productivity and win the fight against fatigue with our 3 Tools to Supercharge Your Power Nap!

Tool #1: PureCare Dream Composer™ Sleep Shade + Scented Cool-Remedy Gel Mask

Tune out the bright and busy world around you with our Sleep Shade’s light eclipse construction that blocks visual distractions, like daytime light. The best part? The optional therapeutic cool-remedy gel mask is infused with essential oils that will help soothe your stress and ease you into the refreshing rest you need.

Tool #2: SoundAsleep™ Room Darkening Curtains

Trick your internal clock into powering down during the day with help from a product featured by our partners at the National Sleep Foundation. Signal your brain that it’s time to rest with SoundAsleep’s Room Darkening Curtains that not only keep sunlight out of your sleep environment but also provide a barrier from the heat of sunrays filtering in.

Tool #3: Sound Soother White Noise Machine

Women’s Choice Award winner (meaning it’s been tried, tested, and recommended by 9 out of 10 women surveyed), the Sharper Image Sound Soother White Noise Machine helps mask the hustle and bustle from everyone not fortunate enough to be napping. Let sounds like the waves of the ocean or a camp side campfire soothe you to sleep faster.

It’s time to maximize your mid-day snooze. Be the best napper you can be by using our sleep tools to supercharge your power nap. Be sure to let us know how much you love your sleep sanctuary by commenting below.

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