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The Couples Conundrum: Sleeping Well While Sharing a Bed

February 22 2017

In the perfect world, sharing a bed with that special someone would gift better sleep than sleeping alone. In truth, while cuddling, snuggling, and pillow talk have their benefits, a shared sleep environment can have its fair share of pitfalls, as well. Since sleep impacts all aspects our lives, the quality and quantity of shut-eye we get can make for cranky coupling if you and your mate have different sleep habits. Take a look through our better bedtime tips for finding the right balance of sleep comfort with your cutie:

PROBLEM: Snoring
If your partner’s snoring has you contemplating separate sleep environments, it’s time to take action. While there are all kinds of snore-reducing gadgets and gismos out there, the solution may be easier (and cheaper) than you thought.

SOLUTION: The Right Pillow
A pillow that provides proper support can make a world of difference in the bedtime battle for silence. The patented three-piece construction of our PureCare One Pillows is specifically designed to work in harmony with the body’s natural curvature. The unique build includes Silhouette Supports that cradle the neck and shoulders while the plush Soul Center provides the perfect head rest.

PROBLEM: Temperature
You want to snuggle, but your partner is a furnace. We get it. One thing is certain—trapped body heat makes for an uncomfortably hot sleep environment.

SOLUTION: Cooling Sleep Essentials
First off, whether we snuggle or not, we sweat at night. The average adult loses up to a liter of fluids every night through perspiration, drool…you get the picture. So, if you aren’t using mattress and pillow protectors, you’re sleep environment isn’t as healthy as it could be.

Secondly, today’s advancements provide solutions for better health and increased comfort. Take into consideration PureCare’s FRÍO® mattress and pillow protectors. Cool to the touch, clinically tested FRÍO protectors are not only moisture (dust mite, allergen, mold & mildew) proof, but they are designed with FRÍO rapid chill cooling fibers, a technical textile that helps tunnel heat away from the body. Our FRÍO fibers work to keep heat from accumulating in the body, providing an oh-so-comfy and amicable abode.

PROBLEM: Digital Differences
Your partner’s idea of drifting off includes a Netflix marathon, but the distractions of blue light are keeping you awake. This isn’t working, right? 

Before you write off this suggestion because you “just can’t get used to sleeping with an eye mask on,” give this solution some serious consideration. PureCare’s Dream Composer Sleep Shade features light-eclipse construction, a unique build that blocks light by fitting comfortably around your eyes while not touching your eyelids or lashes. As an added bonus, the Sleep Shade offers an optional soothing gel mask infused with the benefits of Aromatherapy to help you relax your way to sleep.

PROBLEM: Tossing and Turning
You share your sleep environment with a restless sleeper, and the nightly tossing and turning is disruptive…to say the least.

SOLUTION: Aromatherapy
A time-honored solution for restless sleepers, Aromatherapy helps with relaxation and stress relief throughout the night. PureCare’s Aromatherapy mattress and pillow protectors feature optional natural lavender sachets that gently infuse the benefits of Aromatherapy into the sleep environment.  Breathe, Relax, Sleep. 

Couples rejoice! Sharing your sleep environment doesn’t have to be a battle. Snuggle up, sleep better, and live well.

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The Perfect Valentine's Gift? Sleep.

February 08 2017

While flowers and forget-me-nots are certainly sweet, why not get smitten this Valentine’s Day with something that will last all year? While maintaining a healthy sleep schedule can seem daunting in the midst of our busy lives, our tips to rekindle your relationship with rest will have your heart and health rejoicing.

1. Master Your Wind-Down Routine

Establishing a relaxing bedtime ritual is the first step in helping your body and mind prepare itself for sleep. According to sleep researchers, your wind-down routine should start about an hour before bedtime.

  • Dim the lights. Creating a visual mood of relaxation helps trigger your mind’s sleep signals.
  • Ditch the tech. It’s time to face the music—cell phones and late night TV are single-handedly distracting you from better sleep. While many consider their devices essential to “relaxation,” sleep experts strongly disagree. If emails and to-dos keep you from closing your eyes, it’s often a sign of anxiety that you are going to forget something important. For one week, try writing (that means by hand) a to-do list for the next day and replace your Bing watching with a book on tape. Sound silly? It won’t when you’re sleeping.

2. Adore Your Abode

If your bedroom is just another room in your house, you’re doing it wrong. Your sleep environment should be your sanctuary—somewhere you look forward to retreating to every night.

  • Clean your cave. Piles of dirty, clean, and somewhere in between clothes aren’t helping you relax. This Valentine’s Day, put your cupid to work on creating a calmer, cleaner sleep environment starting with your sleep surroundings.
  • Invest in comfort and health. There is nothing better than crawling into bed on a set of clean, comfortable sheets. If you can’t remember the last time you invested in a quality set of linens, you’re overdue. Checkout our PureCare Elements Halio® sheets infused with SeaCell fibers. This technical textile is derived from high quality seaweed that contains natural cellulose and antioxidants that help reduce inflammation and introduce nutrients that revitalize and protect skin. 

3. Make Bedtime Your Beau

Sleep experts like our partners at The National Sleep Foundation recommend seven to nine hours of Zz’s a night. Sound impossible? Keep this in mind: healthy sleep patterns don’t form overnight.

  • Make gradual adjustments to your rest routine this week by hitting the hay 15 minutes earlier than you did last week. Over the course of a month, you’ll add an additional hour to your existing sleep schedule.

4. Skip Sleeping In. Yes, Really.

Sticking to a set sleep schedule and powering down at a consistent time (even on weekends) helps to regulate your body’s clock. The same goes for what time you wake up.

  • Your sleep pattern doesn’t understand “sometimes.” Eliminate the extra Sunday morning Zz’s that throw off the established sleep pattern you’ve worked so hard to maintain during your work week.
  • Snoozing isn’t sleeping. Bottom line, those extra half-awake snooze minutes aren’t quality sleep and can leave you feeling out of whack for the day to come.

Making a sweetheart out of sleep creates a relationship that nourishes, refreshes, and rejuvenates your routine. It’s time to say “be mine” to bedtime and embrace a devotion to dreamland this Valentine’s Day. 

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