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Insider Tips for Your Personal Sleep Sanctuary

April 08 2015
Posted by: PureCare in Annoucements

I don’t know about you, but after a long day I want nothing more than to fall into bed…but not just any bed. I want MY bed. As a bedding industry insider, I can tell you firsthand that not all sleep environments are created equal. Here are a few simple tips to help you convert your bedroom into a calming, comforting sanctuary.

Let’s start small—as in microscopic. Your bedroom plays host to thousands of dust particles, dust mites, and allergens. Spring-cleaning is a great opportunity to deep clean, but there are several ways to keep these tiny particles and pests from permanently infecting your sleep sanctuary. Check out the PureCare Aromatherapy line of clinically proven mattress and pillow protectors—the official protectors of the National Sleep Foundation. Designed with optional scented sachets in five different scents, these protectors infuse your sleep environment with calming scents while protecting your mattress and pillows from microscopic beasties, mold, mildew, and more. Welcome to the future of tranquil slumber.

Do you remember the last time you were properly fitted for a pillow? What’s that? Never? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. While your pillow plays a huge role in your overall sleep health and wellness, chances are you’ve never taken the time to find the right one for you. Kick your flat pillow and tired sheets to the curb and discover sleep products that offer comfort and wellness benefits, like antibacterial silver treatments and technical textiles that transform your sleep environment. Check out PureCare’s complete pillow collection along with our new textile-driven premium sheet collection, PureCare Elements.

Besides the health and comfort aspects of your sleep environment, there are all kinds of other factors that go into creating a calming, comforting sanctuary. The following National Sleep Foundation backed products are just a few great solutions. Instead of falling asleep to the sound of the television, turn off disturbing electronic equipment and turn on your Dohm Sound Conditioner. And of course, start with a premium sleep surface with Serta’s Perfect Sleeper mattress.

Need some additional help creating your sleep sanctuary? Tweet all about it using the hashtag #PureCareSleepSanctuary for a chance to win some amazing PureCare products.

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Think Your Pillow Is Clean? Think Again...

March 25 2015
Posted by: PureCare in Annoucements

I always assumed that pillows were pretty straight forward. Step One: Buy a quality, supportive pillow. Step Two: Regularly wash my pillowcase to keep it fresh and clean. Sound familiar? As it turns out, the vast majority of us are missing a key component to healthy sleep—Step Three: The pillow protector. 

Let’s chat the facts. People sweat every night as they sleep. In fact, between perspiration and drool, the average adult loses up to one liter of liquids per night. Perspiration and saliva hold bacteria, both of which can breed mold and fungus in your pillow. Pillowcases alone, regardless of how often you launder them, cannot prevent this issue.

But liquids aren’t the only part of the unprotected pillow problem. Our bodies are constantly shedding skin cells that collect in our clothing and bedding, creating a breeding ground for dust mites and other allergens. Without the defensive shield of a pillow protector, skin cells settle deep within our pillows, attracting unwanted pests and invisible allergens. Again, your clean pillowcase is powerless to prevent it.

In all candor, the only way to keep your perfect pillow clean is to encase it in a breathable, washable pillow protector. It is not only an easy, no-nonsense solution for improved sleep health and wellness, but today’s sleep essentials can provide other benefits like aromatherapy, a cooler night’s sleep, and faster healing, as well. Check out PureCare online to discover the right pillow protection for you and your family.

Sleep tight, and don’t let the bed bugs bite!

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