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Sleep Cool This Summer

July 01 2015
Posted by: PureCare in Annoucements

As fireworks light up the sky this Fourth of July, we’re reminded that summer is officially in full swing. Along with the twinkling of lightening bugs and the smell of the charcoal grill comes the dog days (and nights) of summer, with some regions of the country reaching over 100 degrees daily. While we thank our lucky stars for air conditioning, some of us are still struggling to sleep comfortably during the hottest times of the year.

Chances are your sleep environment isn’t hitting the sleep temperature sweet spot. Research shows that people attain their most restful sleep in temperatures ranging between 60 and 67 degrees. Attempting to sleep in temps outside of these suggested sleep temperatures affect the quality of your REM sleep, which is the deep restful stage of sleep.

As the leaders in health and wellness sleep essentials for your bedroom, PureCare has developed PureCare FRIO™ mattress & pillow protectors. FRíO protectors are specially designed with FRíO™ rapid chill cooling fibers that disperse body heat throughout the surface of the protector at a rate five times faster than that of regular polyester. Each mineral-based FRíO fiber contains a unique tunneling effect that keeps heat from accumulating in the material surrounding your body. The benefits of this technical textile are embedded into each fiber, meaning the cooling effects never wash out.

Along with maximizing sleep coolness and comfort, our FRíO protectors focus on health and wellness by protecting you from dust mites, bed bugs, allergens, moisture, and other contaminants commonly found throughout the sleep environment. Top those benefits off with our antibacterial silver treatment and you’ve got a cooling protector that eliminates bacteria on contact. Cool, eh?

Chill out this summer with cooler sleep from PureCare FRíO.

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Mattress Shopping? Don't Forget the Pillows

June 17 2015
Posted by: PureCare in Annoucements

So, you’ve finally decided to replace your mattress. After weeks (or maybe months?) of waking up with a sore back and aching muscles, you’ve had it. Your mattress just isn’t giving you the support you need, and it’s time to invest in better sleep. You’ve done your research, worked out the budget, and you’re ready to head out and try a few beds. What you probably haven’t considered is that improving your sleep doesn’t simply mean buying a new mattress. It means replacing your entire sleep system from the box spring and mattress to your pillows.

Chances are the pillow you currently sleep on wasn’t purchased at the same time you bought your current mattress. You didn’t find the perfect pillow and then match that comfort to the right mattress in order to find the correct sleep system for you. Like most, you probably bought (or even inherited) your current mattress and later picked up a few pillows from a big box retailer without even comfort testing them first. Sound familiar?

The truth is that your mattress and pillows work in tandem to cradle your body. Your new mattress is in charge of providing the proper support for your back and legs, while your new pillows contribute the critical head, neck, and shoulder support that is crucial to healthy sleep. Often overlooked and undervalued, your pillow is actually essential to the overall comfort, alignment, and performance of your new sleep system.

So, while you’re out there searching for the right mattress, ask yourself one important question. When was the last time you were properly fitted for a pillow?

Rest well, my friends!

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