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Healthy Sleep: Sharing Your Bed with Pets

September 09 2015
Posted by: PureCare in Annoucements

Let’s be honest—our furry friends are cherished members of our families. In fact, over two-thirds of today's pet owners snuggle up to their pets each and every night. That's just one of the reasons why PureCare is committed to designing essential elements necessary to create a healthy sleep environment for your entire family. And, from now through February, will be donating 10% of all proceeds to the Foothills Animal Rescue.

All PureCare products—from protectors and sheets to pillows—are essential to today’s health conscious consumers and allergy sufferers, helping you to create a healthy and protected sleep environment for you and your fuzzy family members. Our entire line of antibacterial silver treated sleep products help to eliminate bacteria on contact as well as reduce odors that our furry friends might leave behind. In addition, our 5-sided mattress protectors are dust mite proof, allergen proof, moisture proof, and mold & mildew proof. Our total encasement and pillow protectors include all of these great benefits and are bed bug proof to boot!

So, go ahead—snuggle up to your furry friends while helping to provide food, shelter, and a home to animals in need with your purchase or donation. Here are three easy ways you can make a difference:

Purchase on

  • PureCare has partnered with the Foothills Animal Rescue to support their mission of saving lives through the rescue, care, and adoption of homeless cats and dogs. Now through February, 10% of all proceeds from go directly to the Foothills Animal Rescue.

Donate directly

  • Learn more about the amazing difference your donations make for the animals at Foothills Animal Rescue. From providing toys and basic nutritional needs to shelter and medical care, your donations make all the difference in the care and adoption of the animals at Foothills.

Join us for Whiskers & Wine

  • The annual Whiskers & Wine event is a site to behold!  Held October 22nd at the Sanderson Lincoln Pavilion in scenic downtown Carefree, AZ, the event combines 400 animal enthusiasts, exceptional wine and food, and live entertainment. The goal? To raise the critical funds necessary to make a difference in the lives of the animals at Foothills. Join us.
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Can Your Sheets Help You Sleep Better?

August 26 2015
Posted by: PureCare in Annoucements

This week we're excited to feature Lori Strong with Strong Little Sleepers on our blog!

When I became a child sleep consultant, I started to not only pay attention to products that help children sleep better, but also to those that might positively influence the way adults sleep. After all, it does a parent no good if their baby or toddler is sleeping great, but they continue to have an uncomfortable night’s sleep. Many parents spend a great deal of time thinking about the products they put in their children’s bedrooms, but they don’t give much thought to their own sleep environment—sheets included!

To read Lori's full article click here.

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