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Top 10 Sleep Resolutions for 2016

December 31 2015
Posted by: PureCare in Annoucements

With 2016 almost upon us, many of us are already focused on what we hope to accomplish in the new year. Whether you’re the dedicated resolution type or the one who silently sets intentions to see where they lead, chances are a few of your objectives for 2015 were included in the list below:

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

#1: Lose weight/go to the gym
#2: Quit smoking/drinking
#3: Go green
#4: Learn a new language
#5: Accomplish goals
#6: Save money
#7: Floss
#8: Travel
#9: Volunteer
#10: Sleep more

At least four of the most popular resolutions for 2015 were focused on improving one’s health and wellness. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s on my list again this year. But this time, I’m challenging myself to think about wellness in a different way, and I invite you to join me.

Instead of starting my 2016 health kick by hitting the gym, I’m hitting the sheets. That’s right. I’m planning on giving my body the gift of sleep in 2016. Research continues to point to good sleep as one of the top indicators of a healthy lifestyle, and the starting point for improving your overall health and wellness. So, in honor of my number one goal for the new year, here’s my new list:

Top 10 Sleep Resolutions for 2016

#1: Protect my sleep environment
#2: Upgrade my sheets 
#3: Replace my pillow 
#4: Sleep cooler and more comfortably
#5: Create a sleep sanctuary 
#6: Allow my body to heal through sleep 
#7: Educate myself about better sleep 
#8: Help my kids sleep better 
#9: Sleep better while traveling
#10: Upgrade my guest rooms 

Will you join me in 2016 for better health and wellness through amazing sleep?

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Top 5 Cool Gifts for 2015

December 17 2015
Posted by: PureCare in Annoucements

In the words of the great John Snow…winter is coming. While half of us are busy breaking out the quilts, comforters, and portable heaters, there are those of us who simply love the cooler temps—especially at night. Researchers estimate that up to 75% of perimenopausal women suffer from the effects of overheating on a daily (and nightly) basis. So, what do you get for the hot mama on your Christmas list? Start with FRíO™ sleep products from PureCare and help her find relief from sleep heat.

A PureCare exclusive technical textile, FRíO combines our specially designed OmniGuard Advance® fabric with rapid chill cooling fibers. This Micarex mineral-based responsive textile disperses body heat throughout surface material at a rate five times faster than that of regular polyester. The unique tunneling effect of the mineral-based fiber keeps heat from accumulating in the material surrounding the body, providing a refreshingly cooler sleep surface. As an added bonus, FRíO's rapid chill cooling fibers are a crushed mineral infused textile, meaning the cooling effects of this material are literally built into the fabric and will not wash out, lasting the lifetime of the product.

FRíO Glacies Premium Sheet Sets:

Gift her the soft touch and cooling effects of Glacies premium sheets. Featuring a blend of our mineral based FRíO rapid chill cooling fibers and ultra-plush Tencel® threads, this luxury responsive textile is more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk, and cools five times faster than traditional polyester. Our Precision-Fit™ corners keep your sheets securely on the mattress while the enveloping pillowcases secure your pillow inside each soft and cool case.

FRíO SUB-0° Down Complete Pillow:

PureCare’s SUB-0° pillows are a hybrid of technical textiles and premium fills that fuse wellness with cooling comfort. The ultimate combination of wellness and comfort, the central chamber of this SUB-0° pillow features premium white down and feathers surrounded in our exclusive FRíO rapid chill cooling fiber cover. Our Ultra-Fresh down treatment inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi while the sealed, down-proof inner lining ensures a soft, comfortable sleep surface. Find relief from sleep heat with SUB-0°.

FRíO SUB-0° SoftCell Chill Hybrid Pillow:

Cool to the touch, SUB-0° pillows feature PureCare’s exclusive FRíO rapid chill cooling fibers, a mineral-based technical textile that provides a refreshingly cooler sleep surface throughout the night. This reversible pillow construction features comfort pockets filled with our exclusive designer down alternative, Identically Down, combined with the premium support of cooling gel-covered memory foam.

FRíO 5-Sided Mattress Protector:

Perfect for that temperature-sensitive sleeper who is looking for a solution to keep them cool year round, try our FRíO 5-Sided mattress protector. The first allergen and dust mite resistant and waterproof mattress cover created with rapid chill cooling fibers, this is a great gift for allergy sufferers. FRíO protectors are the official mattress protectors of the National Sleep Foundation and Women’s Choice Award. 

FRíO Pillow Protector:

The first bed bug proof, allergen and dust mite resistant, and waterproof pillow cover created with rapid chill cooling fibers, this is a great gift for allergy sufferers that need relief from sleep heat. FRíO pillow protectors are the official mattress protectors of the National Sleep Foundation and Women’s Choice Award. 

Here’s a bonus tip: sleep science shows that bedrooms should be between 65°–72° for optimal sleep, so think twice before cranking the heat! 

Sleep tight and happy holidays!

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