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How Do You Know When to Replace Your Pillow?

February 24 2016
Posted by: PureCare

We get it: you love your pillow. You two have been practically inseparable for years. It has traveled with you, it has shared your sleepless nights, it has supported you like no other. But have you noticed that lately you have to wrestle it into the right position to get the support you need? While it’s sad to say that some great duos need to go their separate ways, it may be time to come to terms with the fact that your old pillow just can’t give you what you need: the perfect night’s sleep.

Your pillow should be springy and supportive in all the right ways, just like the day you brought it home. But the truth of the matter is that over time, as your pillow starts to break down from months of use, that contouring support turns to flat fluff. Not sure where your pillow is on the support spectrum? A good way to tell if your pillow needs replacing is the fold test. Simply fold your pillow in half and hold it in that position for 30 seconds. Now remove your hand. Did it bounce right back, or did it stay folded? If it did the latter, it’s time to find a replacement. 

Even if your old pillow passed the fold test, would it pass a health inspection? Think back to how you felt when you woke up this morning. Did you have an unexplainable itchy throat and stuffed nose? And what is up with those dark eye circles? These are all warning signs of a pillow that is infested with dust mites and allergens that accumulate in your sleep environment. 

Here is the icky truth: every night you shed skin cells, perspire, and drool (you know who you are). These natural processes lead to bacteria buildup and attract dust mites, which are just some of the things an unprotected pillow collects over time. So whether your pillow is brand new or an old comfortable companion, protect it and yourself with a pillow protector that is completely washable and sanitized regularly. It’s time to start sleeping healthier knowing critters aren’t lurking where you rest your head. 

Listen, we get it. Saying goodbye to an old friend is never easy, but your sleep health and wellness are at stake. Take back your sleep sanity by discovering your new favorite pillow and protector from PureCare.

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What Pillow is Right for You?

February 10 2016
Posted by: PureCare

We all have that friend. You know, the one that travels with her pillow. For the longest time I couldn’t understand this phenomenon. Toothbrush, absolutely. Deodorant, yes. But pillow? Why?

Then it happened…I found my perfect pillow. This may sound crazy, but I swear to you that I could sleep comfortably on the floor with this thing. It literally changed the way I sleep and improved how I feel when I wake up. Needless to say, my pillow goes everywhere I go nowadays.

The truth of the matter is that your pillow actually makes up 30-45% of your overall sleep comfort. You can have the most comfortable mattress in the world, but if you’re not getting the right head and neck support, you won’t sleep comfortably.

So, the question is, with all of the options and specialty pillow materials on the market today, how do you go about finding the right pillow for you? Here are a few helpful hints for those of you on the hunt for the perfect night’s sleep:   

1. Comfort testing is important.

Pillows are a key piece of the sleep comfort puzzle, so it’s time to give them the thought and consideration they deserve. Since testing a pillow before you take it home is a no-brainer, it’s time to find a sleep retailer that can walk you through the pillow selection process and help fit you to your perfect pillow.

2. Stop shopping for pillows based on your sleep position.

This old-school method of pillow fitting only allows you to comfort test a select segment of pillows. A new mattress and pillow combination will change how your body is supported throughout the night and will affect what positions you fall asleep and wake up in.

3. Demand more than just comfort from your pillow.

If you’re waking up with dark circles under your eyes even after a great night’s sleep, allergens are most likely the culprit. All of PureCare’s pillows feature an antimicrobial treatment that helps neutralize allergenic matter from dust mites and pet dander. Or maybe sleeping hot is keeping you from a great night’s sleep. Our SUB-0° hybrid pillows feature FRíO rapid chill cooling fiber covers that will help you find relief from sleep heat.

So, go ahead and fall in love with your pillow this Valentine’s Day. Visit today to find a sleep retailer near you.

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